Library Listings

Listed here are club members’ books and magazines which can be checked out by fellow members for one month. Please contact us via email at and you will be able to pick up the item at the next meeting. Items must be returned at the following month’s meeting. 

If any member has books or magazines which they would generously like to share with fellow club members, please email us with the author, book title, publisher, and copyright date. Although you keep your own items, we will post your titles to the list and contact you when a fellow club member wishes to read them.


Albert, Alphaeus S.: RECORD OF AMERICAN UNIFORM AND HISTORICAL BUTTONSBicentennial Edition; SCS Publications, 2006 (Susannah)

Alford, Kenneth D.: NAZI MILLIONAIRES: The Allied Search for Hidden SS Gold; Casemate Publishing, 2002 (Susannah)

Brouwer, Jim: GOLD BENEATH THE WAVES: Treasure Hunting the Surf and Sand; Good Storm Publishing, 2011 (Susannah)

Campbell, Marian: MEDIEVAL JEWELLERY IN EUROPE 1100-1500; V&A Publishing, 2009 (Susannah)

Coffman, F. L.: ATLAS OF TREASURE MAPS (showing over 3,000 locations of sunken or buried treasures in the Western Hemisphere and British Isles); Thomas Nelson and Sons Publishing, 1957 (Susannah)

Emilio, Luis:  EMILIO COLLECTION OF MILITARY BUTTONS, (American, British, French and Spanish, with some of other countries, and non-military [1911]); Kessinger Publishing, 1987 (Susannah)

Garrett, Charles L.: THE NEW SUCCESSFUL COIN HUNTING, (updated for the 21st century);  RAM Publishing, 2000 (Susannah)

Gholson, Chris: METAL DETECTING FOR PLACER GOLD; (self-published), (unknown copyright date) (Susannah)

Klawans, Zander H.:  HANDBOOK OF ANCIENT GREEK & ROMAN COINS; Whitman Publishing, 2012 (Susannah)

Overstreet, Robert M.:  OFFICIAL OVERSTREET IDENTIFICATION AND PRICE GUIDE TO INDIAN ARROWHEADS (13th edition); Overstreet Arrowheads Publishing, 2013 (Susannah)

Read, Brian:  METAL BUTTONS, c.900 BC – c.AD 1700 (2nd edition); Portcullis Publishing, 2010 (Susannah)

Wolk, Gregory:  FRIEND AND FOE ALIKE (a tour guide to Missouri’s Civil War); Monograph Publishing, 2010 (Susannah)

Yeoman, R. S.:  GUIDE BOOK OF UNITED STATES COINS 2016 (69TH EDITION); Whitman Publishing, 2015 (Susannah)


LOST TREASURE MAGAZINE: May 2016 – present (Susannah)

SEARCHER:  May 2008 (Susannah)

TREASURE HUNTING MAGAZINE:  Feb-Dec 2014, Jan-Feb 2015, Apr-Aug 2015, Oct-Dec 2015, Jan 2016 – present (Susannah)

WESTERN & EASTERN TREASURES: Apr 2012, Apr 2015, Jun-Dec 2015, Silver & Gold Annual issue 2015, Jan 2016 – present (Susannah)