Code of Ethics

~~I will be an ambassador for the hobby by showing courtesy and consideration to the public and to the land.
~~I will abide by all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances pertaining to my hunt area.
~~I will never leave unfilled holes, even in woods or remote locations.
~~I will never damage natural resources or wildlife habitat.
~~I will properly dispose of any trash that I may find, and will leave the hunt site cleaner than when I came.
~~I will respect private property and obtain permission as necessary.
~~I will never dig on archaeological sites.
~~I will report a significant historical find to the proper authorities, and ensure documentation and coordinates of the site for reference by said authorities.
~~I will not destroy any part of any building or structure to get to a find.
~~I will not tamper with gates, signs, or equipment and will leave them in position as found.
~~I will report live ordinance and lethal objects to the proper authorities.
~~I will always be patient, courteous, and helpful when approached by the public. I will always be an ambassador for the hobby to ensure that our metal detecting image is not tarnished.