Lost Something?

Have you lost a ring, keys, cellphone, or cherished item? Did your child bury his favorite small toy in the backyard and can’t find it? Our members would love to help you as a service to the community. There is never any charge–just the satisfaction of reuniting an owner with their lost property. All we ask is a picture to post on our website.

Please contact us at detectinghistory@yahoo.com and one of the members of our Community Assistance Team (CAT) will contact you as soon as possible. We will need to know your name, phone number and/or email, what item was lost, description of the area where the item was lost, and how long ago it was lost.

IMPORTANT NOTE—We do NOT hunt for property stakes. There could be legal ramifications involved which could mean liability issues for our club. 


 April 2018–   PIN BACK–FOUND! The Community Assistance Team (CAT) was successful in finding a neodymium (rare-earth magnet) pin back for a student at the Washington University Campus. Julie Wheatley heeded the call when James T. contacted our club for assistance.  After finding the tiny object, James was impressed and expressed interest in joining our club.

November 2017– RING–FOUND!!  Finding Mother’s Ring

September 2017–  INSPECTION PIPE–FOUND!!  “I want to say a big thanks to your club for providing a service like this. I actually found your club while looking for a metal detector to try and do this myself. I am sure that having an experienced person on the detector raises the likelihood of success greatly.

I was looking for the inspection pipe for my septic tank, not your typical find request I am sure. I knew it was under the driveway but years ago it had been covered over and the exact location forgotten. I wasn’t real confident that it would be possible to locate the inspection pipe this way, but I knew my second choice of digging up the driveway was going to be expensive and messy.

Marvin came out and in very short order was able to locate the location of the pipe. I want to thank him for locating the inspection pipe on my septic tank!

It is not exactly buried treasure but it would have cost a fortune to locate the pipe otherwise. 

Thank you to your club and Marvin for a fantastic service.” –Phillip S.

April 2017–   “I want to thank your club and a special thanks to Tom and Ron who worked tirelessly on my behalf.  Our search was unsuccessful, but I think that is because either I was wrong about where I lost my ring, or a pedestrian picked it up.      

You and your club were so responsive and so helpful it is amazing.  I can’t believe Tom was there to start looking within about 15 hours of me reaching out to you.  On top of that, he came back again and searched for hours with Ron.  The work that was put in and the professionalism shown as a service to the community was amazing.  Thank you and your team so much for your efforts, your organization is amazing and your members are very special people!”  –Michael R.

June 2017–   WEDDING RING–FOUND!!     “I am so overwhelmed !!!  Tom R. found my wedding ring !!!! I cannot begin to express how professional Tom was when he arrived .  He told me two things before he started–

Number one was …..

It’s never in the place you think you lost it …..

and the second one was …..

If we can’t locate it …. we will bring more people out !!!

Tom never gave up in this 93 degree weather !!!  

Tom R. deserves a BRAVO ZULU !!!! 

His determination reflects great credit upon himself and the Gateway Metal Detecting Club of St. Louis !!!       –Jeffrey D.

September 2016 LOST RING–FOUND!

November 2016-LOST RING–FOUND!