Lost Something?

As a continuing service to the surrounding communities GMDC has formed the Community Action Team, known as CAT. This group of our members who volunteer to find lost items when contacted through the club. There is never a fee or charge or expected by the club. This is a real community service.

CAT in the past has had a remarkable success rate, mainly due to the desire of  our team members to help our neighbors.

Listed are just a few of our recent successes

Date contacted 4/8/2019

Item: Wedding Ring

Found on 4/10/2019

CAT member John Q

Date contacted 10/24/201

Item: Wedding Band

Found on 10/25/2019

CAT member Ron P

Date contacted 5/12/2020

Item: Wedding Band

Found on 5/12/2020

CAT members Tom R, Lee N Russ B

note: Tom asked the right questions and the ring was found in a hanging flower basket

Date contacted 12/5/2020

Item: Gold Wedding Band

Found on 12/10/2020

CAT members Lee N, Tom R, Russ B, Rebekah B

Date Contacted 12/10/2020

Item: Class Ring

Found on 12/11/2020

CAT members Tom R, Lee N, Russ,Kathy C, Rick C, Rebekah B

Date contacted 12/18/2021

Item: Wedding Band

Found on 12/18/2021

CAT members Lee N, Russ B,

note: the ring was found inside a clump of ice

Date contacted 2/20/2021

Item: Wedding Ring

Found on 2/20/2021

CAT members Lee N, Russ B, Brad E, Chris S

note: The young couple had recently arrived from India and seen their first snow fall. While exploring this new experience the wedding ring was lost. The ring was a family heirloom and the couple was devastated by the loss. The CAT team found the ring within 20 minutes of their search. The couple was elated. They relayed to relatives and friends in India of what had happened. As a result GMDC is known on social media in that part of the world !!!!

Date contacted 5/26/2021

Item: Men’s yellow gold ring with sapphire

Found on 5/27/2021

CAT Member Ron P

Ring was found within 1 hour of his hunting. It was a hot day with thunder storms fast arriving. Way to go Ron

Date contacted 9/28/2021

Item: Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone

Found on……..(this is an interesting story)

The C.A.T. team didn’t physically find the cell phone. We searched the area very completely but didn’t find it. Chris S encouraged the owner to contact the service provider to see if they could track the phone. Someone had found the phone, charged it, and used it. The service provider was able to pin point the phone. The cell phone was returned to the owner. Thanks to Chris and his knowledge the C.A.T. gets to claim this as a FOUND.

C.A.T members on the call Chris S , Robert P, Lee N, Russ B

Found on 30 Sept 2021

Date contacted 10/16/21

Item: Gold Wedding Ring

Found on 10/17/21 Lost raking leaves, found in the yard waste

CAT Member Chris S

Date contacted 5/26/21

Item: Men’s Yellow Gold Ring

Found 5/27/21

CAT Member Ron P

Date contacted 11/3/21

Item: Brass cap for sprinkler system

Found 11/3/21

CAT Member Ron P

Date contacted 10/20/21

Item: 1900 Septic Tank – unable to locate since 2003

Found 10/21/21

CAT Member Brad E