Lost Something?

Have you lost a ring, keys, cellphone, or cherished item? Do you need to find property stakes? Did your child bury his favorite small toy in the backyard and can’t find it? Our members would love to help you as a service to the community. There is never any charge–just the satisfaction of reuniting an owner with their lost property. All we ask is a picture to post on our website.

Please contact us at detectinghistory@yahoo.com and one of the members of our Community Assistance Team will contact you as soon as possible. We will need to know your name, phone number and/or email, what item was lost, description of the area where the item was lost, and how long ago it was lost.

April 2017–             “I want to thank your club and a special thanks to Tom and Ron who worked tirelessly on my behalf.  Our search was unsuccessful, but I think that is because either I was wrong about where I lost my ring, or a pedestrian picked it up.      

You and your club were so responsive and so helpful it is amazing.  I can’t believe Tom was there to start looking within about 15 hours of me reaching out to you.  On top of that, he came back again and searched for hours with Ron.  The work that was put in and the professionalism shown as a service to the community was amazing.  Thank you and your team so much for your efforts, your organization is amazing and your members are very special people!”  –Michael R.


September 2016 LOST RING–FOUND!

November 2016-LOST RING–FOUND!


     No. of callouts                      9

     Found items                          6

2017 — to date:

     No. of callouts                      13

     Found items by members     6

     Found items by owner          3