June 2019



Found by Tom D.: ” Found with my Equinox 2 to 4 inches deep.”


Found by Bill S.: “Neat glass bauble unearthed at June Club (Mathilda park) hunt using a Whites MX7 and 7″ Detect coil. 3-4 inches hiding with a pulltab.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Found at the Mathilda Park hunt under very muddy conditions with my XP Deus on Sifter program. About 2-4 inches deep except the quarter which was a fortunate surface find. Some kind of metal cap and an unidentifiable metal object.”

Found by Eric H.: “1942 Walking Liberty half dollar found with Garrett A/T Pro, 4 inches deep.”

Found by Tom D.: “Found with my Equinox 800. The medal I found was about 9 or 10 inches deep. I think it’s a German “cross for merit” WW1 watch fob. The pictures on the front are (left) Kaiser Wilhelm–(right) Franz Josef . At the bottom there are 2 soldiers holding rifles and shaking hands. There is some small print in between them that I can’t read. Above the 2 men it has 1914. On the back it has “Erinnerung    Len   Welt  Krieg  1914  1915 [ed.–“Erinnerung an den Weltkrieg 1914-1915” or “In remembrance of the World War 1914-1915”] “.  Most coins I found were from 2 to 6 in. deep. It is so neat that the silver dimes still shine, where the new coins don’t.”

Found by Eric H.: “Detected a lake and a creek. My truck and tow chain took care of the first picture and my Garret A/T Pro took care of the second picture. (No, the arrowhead did not “blow out my eardrums”!)


Found by Lee N.:  “Went out with Tom R and Kathy H to detect an 1850 site. Dug the buckle, round ball and oil lamp knob, 6-8 inches deep, with my Garrett 400. The 1952-d wheatie, token and clad, 3-4 inches deep. 12 o’clock and the heat index was 101, wow. Be careful out there.”

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May 2019




Found by Jim H.: “Went to Bee Tree Park. Didn’t find too much this trip–too hot and buggy. Now I have 4 of those boy scout things. Found with Fisher F75 about 2-4 inches deep.”



Found by Susannah K.: “Two hunts worth. No joy on finds, but they think otherwise. Found with XP Deus, variable depths.”

Found by Lee N.: “Detected these relics, 6-8 inches deep with a Garrett 400. The large iron piece is a leg off a wood burning stove. The cone shaped item is a CW flagstaff finial.

Found by Lee N.: “Went out with Russell B. at a 1860 site. Found the following relics, 4-6 inches deep, using an Garrett 400. The bell shape relic is made of pewter.”


Found by Rick C.: “New permission at a small house. Must have been toy Wednesday, 11 hot wheels cars, a plane, a 1951 wheat penny, a dime, and a marble. All with my Equinox 600 at 4-6 inches.”

Found by Jim H.: “Found on the St. Bernadette hunt.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found on the St. Bernadette hunt.”

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April 2019

If you wish to post a find, please send in your picture along with the depth found and type of detector.


Found by Rick C.: “A hunt with Eric H. today at a park. Found $3.15 clad, a cub scout tie slide, a token from 1998 winter Olympics sponsorship General Mills, and a Sterling St. Michael pendant.”

MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Monroe B.: “Found an axe head, minie balls, and assorted iron.”

MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Scott P.: “Found an artillery button and minie balls. Found about 6″ deep with Equinox 800.”


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Jim G.: “These are my finds from Rolla.”

MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by David S.: “Found at the Rolla Hunt.”


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Andrew H.: “My finds from the Mystery Hunt.”

MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Rick C.: “These are some of the things from the Rolla hunt. The round ball at top right is a canister shot for a cannon. Found with my AT Pro with Thunder Coil. All deep.”


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Bob W.: “My finds from the Rolla hunt.”

MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Ricky M.: “Had a great time!!! Plus a MIRACLE I did not find a pull tab. Remarkable!!!!”


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Ron S.


MYSTERY HUNT #2:   Found by Howard and Kathy H.


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Lee N.: “The name on the plaque is “R. Staubly”. It was first thought to be a grave marker, but the landowner researched the cemeteries and there is no one by that name. He is now researching whether it might have been a Civil War soldier’s nameplate on a personal items box. Found 4 inches deep with Ace 400.”


Found by Scott P: “Found 3″ to 4″ deep with Equinox 800. 1962 & 1929 dimes, 2 no-date buffalos, 9 wheats.”

Found by Rob W.: “Pretty cool spoon I found. Has maker’s mark and say Sterling. Has “US” on handle.”

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March 2019

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics to the club email. Include a brief description, detector used, and depth found.

Found by Keith C.: “Attached are my back yard finds from an hour and a half hunt. A St. Christopher medal and some recent clad are the only interesting finds. This house used to be a farm house years ago and iron abounds. The clad and foil were near the surface, no more than an inch, while the medal was about 3 inches. Medal was probably from 20 to 30 years ago. The iron was 4 to 5 inches deep, probably from 30 to 50 years ago based on what I know about the house.”

Found by Ron P.: “I went out today and found a stud earring along with some clad not shown in the pictures. The post was broken off the back. There is a round stone in the middle surrounded by 20 small stones. It rang up in the gold range on my Garrett AT Pro at about 3”.


Found by Lee N.: “Lee N. went out with Tom R. We detected another abandoned convent that is due for the wrecking ball any day now. Found a sterling silver ring, 5 inches deep, with an Ace 400. The plant tag and clad were found 2-4 inches deep. Convent has been abandoned since 2010.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Pam P.: “In addition to some clad, I found this cross. It rang up like a penny so I believe it is copper. “


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by John Q.: “Here is a pic of the cross I found.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Ron P.: “$1.27 in clad & Memorials.  A 1963 silver Franklin dime. A square nail, a round object like half a wheel and an iron tool that could be a small specialized hammer head or a wood splitting wedge.  Found all between surface and 3″ except the silver dime.  It was about 4″ deep under a 2″ diameter root.  Detected with my Garrett AT Pro.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Ron S.: “This is a 1934 Popsicle premium MGM Stars Clark Gable aluminum token. You got one of these with a popsicle purchase in 1934. The token shows the likeness of the MGM movie star Clark Gable and his name on the front. On the reverse the token reads, “M-G-M Star in Hold Your Man. Popsicle”.  The token measures about an inch in diameter and was issued in 1934. 

This one looks like the lawn mower got a hold of a few times, I found it about 5″ down under a large root with my old Garrett 550x.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by John W.: “Here are the items I found. The cylinder looks like it has a gasket so am trying to open it. Also, can someone identify what I think is a tab pin? It was covered in mud and I thought it was a piece of siding till I cleaned it up. Found the items 2 to 4 inches with my Ace 400.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Scott P.: “All found around 6″ with Equinox 800. Pin date is July 1900.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Pat R.: “A broken ax head and a metal padlock.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Rich B.: “Finds from the hunt.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Lee N.: “Lee N. dug these relics, 3-6 inches deep, using his new Ace 400. Great day, great hunt and great people.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Eric H.: “Great hunt, thanks Scott! Lots of cool items found but not much by me. This large Cross was my best. Just cast metal but still neat to find!”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Susannah K.: “Silver-washed pin, 1930s taillight, tag #38, interesting glass plate piece, key, clad.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Bill S.: “Old iron key & small tag for The 3rd Bell Inn, Alton, Illinois. (future research assignment)”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Rick M.: “Used an E-Trac. Everything four inches or less.  Nice hunt.


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Tom R.: “This is all I found and can slaw, unlike the “silver bar” Mackie found LOL.”


Found by Eric H.: “Went out before the predicted rain tomorrow. Detected an old logging road along a creek bottom and unearthed this antique three foot long saw! It would have been a lot easier to dig if I could have used the saw to cut all the roots I had to shovel through!”

Found by Jim H.: “Quickie hour hunt before the rain. Not much but it was good to get out. Found with Fisher F75.”

Found by Matt G.: “Reverse -Good for one cake PALMOLIVE soap free when you buy one cake

Obverse – To dealers  This check will be redeemed at your retail price and only when conditions on the reverse side have been complied with
The Palmolive-Peet Co Chicago P-1009

It is half dollar sized, made of brass and is from 1926 to 1928. Found with AT Pro.”


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February 2019



Found by Rick C.: “Quick hunt today. A little tank, a matchbox car, a plane, and some change, all with my ATPro at 3-4 inches. Not much, but fun.”

Found by Scott P.: “$2.08 in clad, 1935 Merc, fake gold ring, old button. Found with my Equinox 800 at 2 to 4 inches.”

Found by Jim H.: “Grabbed the one nice day we got and went mud detecting. I must have a thing for skulls since this is my second in a couple of months. One wheatie that is almost gone but I think the date says 1918.”

Found by Rick C.: “Couldn’t take it anymore, had to go play in the mud. Found 10 quarters, 10 dimes, 2 nickels, 38 pennies still being cleaned, a penny with a cross stamped through it, and need help identifying the other piece. It’s brass and almost looks like a replica of an old coin.”


Found by Jim H.: “Took advantage of that one warm day to hit an old park. The oldest penny is 1984, the oldest dime is 1982 or 3. Child’s ring. Shotgun headstamp is Peters Referee. Peters existed from 1887-1934.”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out with Tom R. and Russell B. and found the following items. The token is an American Legion Convention token, New York, 1937. The back says ‘Think Before You Drink, says Seagrams’. This was right after prohibition.”

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January 2019

If you wish to post a find, please send your picture to the club email. Be sure to include a brief description, depth found, and detector used.


Found by Scott P.: “Cold but found my first flat button, 5 wheats, 1974 half dollar, Playboy bunny button, 4″ to 6” with Equinox 800. Button says “Orange Gilt Colour” on back with wreath around shank, slick front. Still being researched.”


Found by Eric H.: “First silver of the year! Went out after work and found a 1942 Mercury dime 6 inches deep and a 1948D Roosevelt dime 3 inches deep with my Garrett A/T Pro. (For all of you negative Nellies out there, this was in a St. Louis area park)!


Found by Susannah K.: “Wow! This is the way to start a new detecting year! Got a permission for a 1700s property. Found old lead pieces from window kames, a square nail, pocket watch gear, 1847 Wm. Rogers 12 DWT silver-plated fork, a button still being researched but looks to be early to mid-1800s, and the winner–a British military button with crown on ridged background, at first thought to be 1765-1772, the only time the British were in that area. My oldest button find in America, if true. However, two curators and a military button expert are stumped and still researching it. The consensus seems to be that it looks like a female crown, but they aren’t sure.  If so, then the date would be later. The conflicting thought is that it is early French. I’ll let the experts sort it out and let you know. Found 2-6 inches down with my XP Deus on Sifter program.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found 8 quarters, 9 dimes, 2 nickels one is a 1943P, 16 pennies, and a cub scout neckerchief slide all 2-4 inches deep with my AT Pro.

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December 2018


Found by Susannah K.: “Last hunt of the year. Found tree tag, 2007 rabies tag, bracelet, Weblo scout neckerchief slide (did you ever notice that the Boy Scouts lose lots of items, but not the Girl Scouts? Hmmmm…), 5 quarters (2 of them fused), 2 dimes, and 15 pennies. Found 2-4″ deep with my XP Deus on Trash program.”


Found by Lee N.: “Detected a very old site and found the following relics. Hammered hatchet, monkey wrench, square nails, wheaties and unidentified objects. The hatchet is very old and hammer welded by blacksmith. My hatchet was identified by “AxeJunkies”. It is a double-edge broad axe, broken and modified into a hatchet. Axe Junkies is a Facebook group, that can ID any axe or hatchet, especially when stamped. All found 3-10 inches deep, with my Ace 250.”


Found by Scott P.: “Went and checked out a new permission after work. Found a 1964 Rosie, two wheaties, 1975 Bahamas 10 cents, 5 hem weights.
Between 4″& 6″with my AT Max. Can’t wait to go back

Found by Lee N. and Russell B.: “Lee N. and Russell B. got out for a couple of hours. Lee found a hot wheel car, unidentified objects [The fuse looks to be from a Model A–ed.] and 29 cents in clad, 2-4 inches deep, with Ace 250. Russell B found a 1913 wheatie, 4-5 inches deep, with Ace 400. The good thing about the hunt is we found 2 more great hunt sites.”

Found by Jim H.: “Taking advantage of the warmer weather. Found this token with Reddy Kilowatt. Reddy was created in 1928. He was the mascot of the Alabama Power Company but was later licensed across the US to promote electricity as safe and useful. He has a lightbulb for a nose, wall outlets for ears, and a torso made from lightning bolts. Besides tokens, many other objects used the Reddy icon. A saying was always added, slanted toward particular audiences. This token promotes the service you get from the electric company. Some promoted cost savings, some efficiency, and some used Reddy to introduce electricity to parts of the country which had never had it. He was used from the late 1920s through the 1970s. The Reddy icon was as recognizable back in the day as Aunt Jemima, the Morton Salt girl, and Mr. Peanut. Found 6 inches deep with my F75.”

Found by Rick C.: “Another great day for a hunt. Found my first Gold ring [Congrats, Rick!–ed.], a 14k men’s wedding band 8 inches deep with my AT Pro, a 1936s Washington quarter, $1.95 clad, and a toy tow truck made in France.”

Found by Susannah K.: “Snuck out between chores for a quick hunt. Found 11 memorials and a quarter, and this gold-washed, sterling silver earring made in Israel. Found 2″ down with my XP Deus on Sifter program.”

Found by Rick C.: “Nice day for a hunt. I found $3.40 in clad, the pennies aren’t  in the pic, a 1948 rosy dime, a square earring that says Sterling on the clasp and 5% 18k on the back, a costume earring, and a zipper pull with a heart, all with my AT Pro at 4 to 6 inches.”

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