April 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics, a short description, depth found, and detector used to the club email.


Found by Scott P.: “First silver this year, first old coin spill. My own back yard, 3 to 4″ deep. Used a Garret Ace 350.”


Found by Jim H.: “Out on a hunt with Susannah, Rob, and Dawn. 2003 Chevy Cup commemorative pin found 2 inches down with Fisher F22.”


Found by Bill S.: “Things that go boom and a full harmonica reed. Found in the woods on the farm less than 4″ each, using a White’s MX7″


Found by Eric H.: Found with a Garret A/T Pro.  Axes, head stamps, bullets and an arrowhead. Sounds like my kind of crowd!

Found by Jim H.: “Out on a hunt with Susannah. It was a good day for both of us.  1941 silver Merc. Found  at 7″ deep with my Fisher F22.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Out with Jim H. today. This is the biggest coin spill I have ever found! 19 wheaties and 7 memorials in one 12″-wide hole, 5″ deep. Wheaties range from the 1930s-1950s. Plus in other spots–2 crud modern pennies, 1 nickel, and 1 dime, plus a silver washed dogtag. Used XP Deus using special program.” 

Found by Lee N.: “Went out for a couple hours, Thursday afternoon, with Tom R, Marvin G. and Russ B..  I got a consistent high signal under a boulder. I used my shovel and lifted the rock and found what looked like a small tin can, but it had a handle. I threw it in my trash bag. When I got home, I observed a hallmark on the bottom. Researched it and found it to be a baby cup, Sterling, made during the 30’s for Tiffany. I straightened it out, cleaned and polished it. I used my Ace 250 detector.”

Found by Rob W.: “Out with my wife and father-in-law. Found a 1961 silver quarter and a penny in the same hole, using Deteknix T2”

Found by Bobby L.: “Found this on the last Mystery Hunt. First signal of the day, just a few steps from my truck. Took it to a jeweler. It’s a 14K gold monocle from the 1800s. The glass was in it but fell out when I brought it home. It’s a little bit bigger than a quarter in size. Found with my Whites V3i at 3 inches.”

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March 2018

If you wish to post a find, send your pictures to the club email. State depth and type of detector and any other information about the find.


Found by Jim H.: “Besides a bunch of clad, I found this Tiger cub scout necktie slide from the 1960s. All copper and in mint condition. Found with my Fisher F22”.

Found by Susannah K.: “The results of 3 hunts. 1st–found an advertising thimble from the 1920s, still has the blue paint, says “American Natl. Ins. Co., Galveston, TX”. 2nd–found a 1960 silver dime and a copper rouge case lid. Design is somewhat Art Deco but don’t know a date for it. Also found several wheaties. 3rd–Found a three-ringer minie ball. All found with my XP Deus, thimble was 2″, dime was 4″, case lid was on surface, minie ball was 5″.


Found by Rob W.: “This Teknectics T2 is great. A 925 silver chain, made in Italy”

Found by Lee N.: “Went out today, with Russell B. and Tom R. I found this seal military button, 8 inches deep, with my Ace 250. Best military button I have ever dug, with backside reading, “Philadelphia Horstmann”. Confirmed WWI, by Trinkets and Treasures of Missouri and Illinois.”

Found by Kathy H.: “Found on Mystery Hunt #1. A St. Louis Zoo smashed penny, headstamps, various partifacts, and a large wrench the owner was glad to get back.”


Found by Lee N: “Found the following on the club Mystery Hunt #1. Found 2-4 inches deep, except for the pocket knife, which was found on top of ground, under a deer tree stand. Found with my Ace 250. My new favorite place to hunt is under a tree stand.”


Found by Kathy C.: “These are my finds from our Mystery Hunt #1 today. $1.13 clad, a bullet fidget spinner, a ring, some bullets, and odds and ends. All found with a Radio Shack detector at about 2-3 inches.”


Found by Lee N.: “Great week-end to detect. Lee N. found these objects from two hunts, in St. Louis area. Went out with fellow club members, Tom R., Marvin G., Russ B., Pat R., Susannah K. and Jim H.. All found 2-8 inches deep, with my Ace 250.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Out on a hunt with the boys and found a 1950s Nichols Dyna-Mite toy derringer cap gun. And later Lee N. found one of the caps for it in the same area! Found with my XP Deus on Deep setting at 5 inches.”


Found by Jim H.: “Found by old building. A military dress button that went into use in pre-WWI and was still in use in WWII. I have a picture of an ancestor of mine from 1918 who is wearing a coat with the same button type. Found with a Fisher F-22 at 8 inches.”



Found by Jim H: Results of several hunts. 

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February 2018

If you wish to post a find, send your pictures to the club email. State depth and type of detector and any other information about the find.


Found by Rob W.: My best find ever! 1879cc Morgan silver dollar. Found with my T2 at 8-9 inches.

Also found by Rob W.: 20 pence Irish coin and 1974 silver dollar. Found with Teknetics T2 at 3-5 inches.


Found by Susannah K: My first gold ring after how many years of doing this!! 18K and silver. Also found a silver earring with what looks like opal. 



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January 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pictures to the club email, along with a brief description of the item, depth found, and detector used.


Found by Rob W.: “First silver  with my new Teknetics T2. Found at 5 inches.”


Found by Susannah K.: “It’s going to be a good year! Found this on my second hunt. Looks to be silver but no marking. I will test it shortly. Top wreath end with three roses, plus the little bird, were found hooked together but fell apart when I cleaned them. Other piece was found beside them and turned out to be the bottom pendant piece. Don’t know what kind of stone. All very delicate. Found 4-5 inches down with XP Deus on Full Tone setting” [Update–Silver tested as 800 and stone was jade.]


Found by Ron P.: “I went to a local park the week before Christmas while the weather was still great.  After finding a fair amount of clad and pull tabs I
dug this ring out of the ground at a depth of about 3 inches using my AT Pro.  It has a sterling silver band and I discovered the stone is a white Zircon when I showed it to our favorite Jeweler.  Even though the value is low on this ring, I am still excited with the find.”

Found by Susannah K: “First hunt of the year, and as you can see by the ice, a darn cold one. Found $1.45 clad, one earring, and one Disney inscribed pendant. Two of the quarters were an aboveground coin spill, thank goodness, right on either side of someone’s footprint. All found 1 – 1-1/2 frozen inches down with XP Deus, Trash setting.”


Found by Pat R.:  Cub Scout Jamboree pin? Cub Scouts have different neckerchief slides for grades 1-5. Three down, two to go! Found with an AT Pro at 2-3 inches depth.

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December 2017

If you wish to post a find, please send a pic of your item with a brief description, something to gauge size, how deep it was, and what type of detector. Send to the club email.

Found by Matt G.: “These are my last good finds from 2017.

Fancy button or drawer knob 1 inch Garrett Ace 250
Anchor button 3 inches Garrett Ace 250
Silver plated fork. I don’t find forks often, usually it’s spoons. 2 inches Garrett Ace 250″


Found by Ron P.: “I finally found my first 925 silver ring after 9 months of detecting! [Congrats, Ron!–ed.] It has mother of pearl inlays and appears to be a man’s ring. It was 3 to 4 inches deep and was found using my AT Pro.”


Found by Ron P.:  “Based on my research, the best guess is this was some type of horse tack, perhaps from a saddle used by the St. Louis Metropolitan Mounted Police sometime between 1867 and 1923. The item is brass with blue and white enamel along with gold gilding around the edges and on the center seal. It weighs 4 ounces and the sides are a bit over 4″ each. This was found at a depth of 4″ to 5″ using my AT Pro.”


Found by Lee N.:  “Found this item, at a 1790 home site. Found 6 inches deep, with my Ace 250. Confirmed to be 150-250 years old, by Mr. Mark Trout, Director of the Civil War Museum. The oldest object I have ever dug. The razor is so fragile that it broke in half, when I lifted it out of the hole. “

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November 2017

Send pictures of your find to the club email. Include a brief description, and what depth you found it at.


Found by Bill S.: “Out detecting the farm this evening and came across a cache of sixteen 1947 Illinois Trap tags all in one hole, stacked together. What fun!”

Found by Bill S.: “Found a neat piece of history. Lapel pin promoting third party candidates Robert LaFollette for president and Burton Wheeler for vice president, 1924. Bronze. Green Duck Co., Chicago. “

Found by Scott P.:  “First silver! 1916-s. 12 memorials, 1 dime, other junk. Most 3″ to 4”. Garret ace 350.  [Congrats Scott!–ed.]


Found by Susannah K.: “Although I was actually searching more for arrowheads, I still got these on the pumpkin farm club hunt. 4 quarters (one a 1965, darn it), 2 dimes, and 5 pennies, plus a yin-yang psychedelic tie tac. Found on and right under the surface, except the 1965 quarter, which was 6 inches down”

Found by Ron P.: “Here is a photo (1) of a vintage brass and enamel Chevrolet radiator emblem that I detected at about 5″ using my AT Pro. I researched the item (2) and found that this was the font and style used by Chevy from 1914 to 1933.”


Found by Ron P.: “I found these items at the November club hunt between the surface and 3” deep using my AT Pro. There are 29 modern coins totaling $1.57. Also shown are 2 zipper pull tabs, 2 buttons, 1 junk ring, 1 Reebok metal plate, 1 brass fitting, 1 electric box knock out and 1 child’s hair clasp. “


Found by Bill S.: “Morning hunt resulted in a piece of a crotal bell. Found at 5″ using a White’s MX Sport. Too bad it’s just a piece but that’s how it goes sometime.


Found by Bill S.: “Found a couple of fired 9mm wadcutter bullets. A wadcutter is a special-purpose flat-fronted bullet specially designed for shooting paper targets, usually at close range at subsonic velocities typically under 900 ft/sec. Wadcutters are also typically used in revolver handguns. Found with a loaner White’s MX Sport at approx. 4 inches.”


Found by Pat R.: “Finally something decent! Jamaican and Canadian pennies, and eight wheaties. Located 3-5 inches deep, with an AT Pro.”

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October 2017




Found by Susannah: “Results of two minihunts, one with Jim H. and the other with Tom R., Lee N., and Marvin G. Two Chuckie Cheese tokens found in one hole on one hunt, and a coin spill (4 quarters, 2 dimes, a nickel, and 4 pennies), boiler plate cover, and key found on the other hunt. Makes for short hunts when all of your finds are ready for you in one hole! Found with my XP Deus using the Deus Fast program, at 7 inches.”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out with Susannah K, Tom R, and Marvin G to detect  Thursday.  Temps in the 70’s, ground was perfect.  Found the following items 2-5 inches deep, with Ace 250.  The earring is gold plated and heavy.”


Found by Lee N.: “Tom R. and myself went out today. Conditions were perfect. Lee N. found the following objects 2-4 inches, using an Ace 250.”

Found by Rob W.: “1964 Canada nickel. Found less than 2 inches down in a local park.”


Found by Rob W.: “Same park. Same day.”


Found by Pam P.: “Found an 1889 Indian Head penny at an old house in St. Charles with my Fisher F-75.”


Found by Tom R.: “Found this lost ring for a lady. Gold with rubies and diamonds.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found street car track spike, a metal cover, a pocket knife end, piece of a square nail, a 1919s wheat penny, a hot rock, and some melted lead. All with my AT PRO and most was deep.”


Found by Lee N.: “Found these items 2-3 inches deep, using Ace 250. The iron looks like a possible piece of exploded ordinance.”

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