May Mystery Hunt Finds

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May 2023

Robert P. recovered a broach with his AT Pro at a depth of 3 inches.
John W. found a 1942 nickle at a depth of 1 inch with his Equinox 800.
Susannah K. recovered pieces of a heart-shaped love pendant, from the 1960s-1970s, at a depth of 4 inches with her XP Deus I.
Kathy H. found a flat button at a 4 inch depth with her Deus.
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April 2023

John Q. recovered a 10 to 40 AD Cunobelin Celtic silver unit with his XP Deus at a 4 inch depth in England.
Dave D. dug 8 inches to find a 1924 Missouri Chauffeur License.
John W. recovered an earring at a 1 inch depth with his Equinox 800.
Eric H. found a token (brothel?) at a 3 inch depth with his Minelab 800.
Susannah K. recovered a 1926 Standing Liberty quarter at a 3 inch depth with her XP Deus.
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March 2023

Brad P. recovered an 1857 Cent at an 8 inch depth.
John D. K. found an old rosary at a 3 inch depth with a Garrett.
Kent H. recovered a gold ring at a 3 to 5 inch depth with his Garrett Ace 400.
Bob T. found a 19th Century, hand-forged, wrought iron hook at a depth of 4 inches with his Garrett Ace 300.
David S. recovered a wagon harness with his Garrett ATPro at a 6 inch depth.
Douglas R. found a Confederate spur on the ground with his White detector.
Eric H. recovered a 14K gold ring in 3 feet of water with his Minelab 800.
Philip N. found a Cooper, Key wind, Hunter style, pocket watch from the mid-1800s or earlier with his Equinox 800 at a depth of 8 inches.
Susannah K. recovered a well house sprocket for a bucket with her XP Deus at a depth of 6 inches.

Pat R. found a 1909, V nickel at a 3 inch depth with an AT Max.

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February 2023

Penny with strike error detected by Rich P. at a depth of 2 to 3 inches with a Whites.
1862 Indian Head Penny found by Julie W, with an AT MAX at a depth of 4 to 6 inches.
1800s 18k gold ring found by Eric H. at a 4-inch depth with a Minelab 800.
Silver ring found by Rick C. at a depth of 3 inches with an Equinox 600.
North Shore Animal League dog/cat token found by John W. with an Equinox 800 at a half-inch depth.
Kangxi Era (1662 – 1723) Chinese coin found by John K. at 5-inch depth.
Woman’s metal mesh purse found by Brad P. at a 2-inch depth with a Whites.
1872 Shield Nickle found by John Q. with an XP Deus at a 6-inch depth.
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December 2022


2022FOM-December-Pam P.-012022FOM-December-Pam P.-02

Pam P.-Mystery Hunt 12/3/22- Illinois Tax Token

2022FOM-December-Tim P.-012022FOM-December-Tim P.-02

Tim P.- Mystery Hunt 12/3/2022- War of 1812 Artillery Button

2022FOM-December-Julie W.-01

Julie W.- Mystery Hunt 12/3/2022- AT MAX, 4-6 inches deep

2022FOM-December- 012022FOM-December- 022022FOM-December- 032022FOM-December- 042022FOM-December- 052022FOM-December- 06

Member Finds from Mystery Hunt 12-3-2022


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November 2022




2022FOM-November- Scott P

Scott P. -Finds from recent hunt

11-1-22-FOM-Bob T.-Oldest Coin

Bob T.- 1899 Indian Head Penny, Garmin 300, 4″ Deep

11-1--22-FOM-Doug R.-Most Interesting Jewelry

Doug R.- Locket, Whites, 2″ deep

11-1-22-FOM-Julie W.-Interesting Item

Julie W.- Mid 1800’s Clay Marble, Garrett AT MAX, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- David S

David S.- Brouch, Garrett AT PRO, 3-4″ deep

2022FOM-November- Eric H

Eric H. – School Lunch Token, Minelab 800, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- John W

John W.–1919 S Penny, Equinox 800, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- Philip N.-12022FOM-November- Philip N.-2

Philip N.- 1820-1840 triple gilt fllat disc round coat button, Equinox 800, 8″ deep

2022FOM-November- Rick C.-12022FOM-November- Rick C.-2

Rick C.-Tomback Flat Button, Equinox 600, 6-8″ deep

2022FOM-November- Robert P

Robert P.-Lip Stick, AT Pro, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- Bob T

Bob T.- I found this about 2 inches down with a Garrett 300.


2022FOM-November- Bob T-22022FOM-November- Bob T-3

Bob T.- I found this ring in mid-October in a friend’s yard.  I use a Garrett 300 and found this around 4 inches deep.

2022FOM-November- Doug G

Douglas G.- See attached file for a picture of the two Items of interest I found at the Collinsville Hunt. I have not had any time to research the pin. The drawing is the best I could see using a magnifying glass.

2022FOM-November- Pat R

Pat R.- 1906 Dime

2022FOM-November- Robert P-32022FOM-November- Robert P-2

Robert P.- Found alot of trash but I did find this silver plated spoon from 1937. Think it got hit by the lawn mower had to straighten it out some to read the back.

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October 2022


10-4--22-FOM-Eric H.-Most Interesting Jewelry

Eric H. – 14K Gold Diamond Ring, Minelab 800, 2-5 feet

10-4-22-FOM-Jim H.-Oldest Coin

Jim H.- 1579 Silver Coin, XP Deus, Found in Dirt Clod

10-4-22-FOM-Julie W.-Interesting Item

Julie W.- 1800’s Suspender Buckle, Garrett Ace 400, 3″ deep

2022FOM-October- Brad P

Brad P.- Penny/Token, Whites Eagle

2022FOM-October- Humphrey C.-2

2022FOM-October- Humphrey C.-1

Humphrey C.- Token, AT Pro, 4″ deep

2022FOM-October- John W

John W.– Vintage Matchbox Superfast Mercedes 350SL 1973 Mfg. Lesley Products before Mattel bought them. Made in England, Equinox 800, 2″ deep

2022FOM-October- Marvin G

Marvin G.- 1939 Wheat Penny, Garrett Ace 400, 6″ deep

2022FOM-October- Monroe B.-1

Monroe B.- 1853 Seated Quarter, Deus 2, 2-3″ in creek

2022FOM-October- Pat R

Pat R.- 1906 Barber Dime, AT Max, 2″ deep




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September 2022

9-6-22-FOM-Julie W.-Interesting Item

Julie W.- 1850 Merchant Token- Fitzgibbon Daguerreotype Gallery/Nicholson’s Grocery Store, Ace 400, 6-8 inches deep

9-6-22-FOM-Eric H.-Most Interesting Jewelry

Eric H.- Gold Ring w/gem, Equinox 800, 42″ deep

9-6-22-FOM-John H.-Oldest Coin

John W.- 1941 D Mercury Dime, Equinox 800, 3″ deep

2022FOM-September- Bob T.-1

Bob T.- Nose Ring, Garrett 300, 2″ deep

Monroe B.- Love Token Pair, Deus 2, 4-5 inches deep, 8-12 inches deep

2022FOM-September- Philip N.-1

Philip N.- Deputy Sheriff Badge Newton County Arkansas, Equinox 800, 3″ deep

2022FOM-September- Rick C.-1

Rick C.- Mexican Silver Ring, Equinox 600, 4″ deep

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August 2022


2022FOM-August- Danny B.-2

Danny B.-Just an update as to my coin finds so far. Nothing old, but allot of clad from 3 parks (150+). There are numerous targets, so I set my disc high and notch out most of the mid tones in order to hear the coins. It appears to be working!!  I’m going to “coin shoot” the parks until cooler weather, then start digging all mid tones. Two parks have swimming beaches, I haven’t even entered the water yet, but I will at some point.

RollaHunt-8-13-22-Mike Longo

Found by Mike L.


Doug G.- Top – 2 modern bullets& belt rivet. Bottom- CW pistol ball & two 22 bullets


Member Finds

RollaHunt-8-13-22-Danny Bailey-1RollaHunt-8-13-22-Danny Bailey-2

Danny B- One is the total things I found, bullets/shrapnel, shotgun caps, modern arrow point and the trash. The other photo is the civil war bullets cleaned up. I found 5 CW bullets, it was fun!! The items were 2″-6″ deep, AT Max


Philip N.- Deputy Sheriff badge from Newton County Arkansas. The modern ones are much more elaborate. In the front and back photos, the squares are 5 mm X 5 mm.

Philip N.-I also found something that I have not identified yet. Photos of 2 sides

2022FOM-August- Eric H.-1

Eric H.- Meditation Ring, Equinox 800, 3 feet deep

8-2-22-FOM-John W.-Interesting Item

John W.- Vintage Watch FOB Clip , Equinox 800, 3 inches deep

8-2-22-FOM-Doug R.-Jewelry

Doug R.- Gold Ring, White Surf Master, In water

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