February 2019



Found by Rick C.: “Quick hunt today. A little tank, a matchbox car, a plane, and some change, all with my ATPro at 3-4 inches. Not much, but fun.”

Found by Scott P.: “$2.08 in clad, 1935 Merc, fake gold ring, old button. Found with my Equinox 800 at 2 to 4 inches.”

Found by Jim H.: “Grabbed the one nice day we got and went mud detecting. I must have a thing for skulls since this is my second in a couple of months. One wheatie that is almost gone but I think the date says 1918.”

Found by Rick C.: “Couldn’t take it anymore, had to go play in the mud. Found 10 quarters, 10 dimes, 2 nickels, 38 pennies still being cleaned, a penny with a cross stamped through it, and need help identifying the other piece. It’s brass and almost looks like a replica of an old coin.”


Found by Jim H.: “Took advantage of that one warm day to hit an old park. The oldest penny is 1984, the oldest dime is 1982 or 3. Child’s ring. Shotgun headstamp is Peters Referee. Peters existed from 1887-1934.”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out with Tom R. and Russell B. and found the following items. The token is an American Legion Convention token, New York, 1937. The back says ‘Think Before You Drink, says Seagrams’. This was right after prohibition.”

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January 2019

If you wish to post a find, please send your picture to the club email. Be sure to include a brief description, depth found, and detector used.


Found by Scott P.: “Cold but found my first flat button, 5 wheats, 1974 half dollar, Playboy bunny button, 4″ to 6” with Equinox 800. Button says “Orange Gilt Colour” on back with wreath around shank, slick front. Still being researched.”


Found by Eric H.: “First silver of the year! Went out after work and found a 1942 Mercury dime 6 inches deep and a 1948D Roosevelt dime 3 inches deep with my Garrett A/T Pro. (For all of you negative Nellies out there, this was in a St. Louis area park)!


Found by Susannah K.: “Wow! This is the way to start a new detecting year! Got a permission for a 1700s property. Found old lead pieces from window kames, a square nail, pocket watch gear, 1847 Wm. Rogers 12 DWT silver-plated fork, a button still being researched but looks to be early to mid-1800s, and the winner–a British military button with crown on ridged background, at first thought to be 1765-1772, the only time the British were in that area. My oldest button find in America, if true. However, two curators and a military button expert are stumped and still researching it. The consensus seems to be that it looks like a female crown, but they aren’t sure.  If so, then the date would be later. The conflicting thought is that it is early French. I’ll let the experts sort it out and let you know. Found 2-6 inches down with my XP Deus on Sifter program.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found 8 quarters, 9 dimes, 2 nickels one is a 1943P, 16 pennies, and a cub scout neckerchief slide all 2-4 inches deep with my AT Pro.

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December 2018


Found by Susannah K.: “Last hunt of the year. Found tree tag, 2007 rabies tag, bracelet, Weblo scout neckerchief slide (did you ever notice that the Boy Scouts lose lots of items, but not the Girl Scouts? Hmmmm…), 5 quarters (2 of them fused), 2 dimes, and 15 pennies. Found 2-4″ deep with my XP Deus on Trash program.”


Found by Lee N.: “Detected a very old site and found the following relics. Hammered hatchet, monkey wrench, square nails, wheaties and unidentified objects. The hatchet is very old and hammer welded by blacksmith. My hatchet was identified by “AxeJunkies”. It is a double-edge broad axe, broken and modified into a hatchet. Axe Junkies is a Facebook group, that can ID any axe or hatchet, especially when stamped. All found 3-10 inches deep, with my Ace 250.”


Found by Scott P.: “Went and checked out a new permission after work. Found a 1964 Rosie, two wheaties, 1975 Bahamas 10 cents, 5 hem weights.
Between 4″& 6″with my AT Max. Can’t wait to go back

Found by Lee N. and Russell B.: “Lee N. and Russell B. got out for a couple of hours. Lee found a hot wheel car, unidentified objects [The fuse looks to be from a Model A–ed.] and 29 cents in clad, 2-4 inches deep, with Ace 250. Russell B found a 1913 wheatie, 4-5 inches deep, with Ace 400. The good thing about the hunt is we found 2 more great hunt sites.”

Found by Jim H.: “Taking advantage of the warmer weather. Found this token with Reddy Kilowatt. Reddy was created in 1928. He was the mascot of the Alabama Power Company but was later licensed across the US to promote electricity as safe and useful. He has a lightbulb for a nose, wall outlets for ears, and a torso made from lightning bolts. Besides tokens, many other objects used the Reddy icon. A saying was always added, slanted toward particular audiences. This token promotes the service you get from the electric company. Some promoted cost savings, some efficiency, and some used Reddy to introduce electricity to parts of the country which had never had it. He was used from the late 1920s through the 1970s. The Reddy icon was as recognizable back in the day as Aunt Jemima, the Morton Salt girl, and Mr. Peanut. Found 6 inches deep with my F75.”

Found by Rick C.: “Another great day for a hunt. Found my first Gold ring [Congrats, Rick!–ed.], a 14k men’s wedding band 8 inches deep with my AT Pro, a 1936s Washington quarter, $1.95 clad, and a toy tow truck made in France.”

Found by Susannah K.: “Snuck out between chores for a quick hunt. Found 11 memorials and a quarter, and this gold-washed, sterling silver earring made in Israel. Found 2″ down with my XP Deus on Sifter program.”

Found by Rick C.: “Nice day for a hunt. I found $3.40 in clad, the pennies aren’t  in the pic, a 1948 rosy dime, a square earring that says Sterling on the clasp and 5% 18k on the back, a costume earring, and a zipper pull with a heart, all with my AT Pro at 4 to 6 inches.”

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November 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics to the club email. Include a brief description, depth found, and detector used.


Found by Bill S.: “Unearthed a nice “Winged Liberty” dime. Silver is always nice. Was hiding 5″ deep and discovered using a White’s MX7 and 13″ Detech Coil.”

Found by Rick C.: “Hunted a few days this week and turned up some silver. A silver ring, a sterling Victorian pin, a Rosie dime, and a silver necklace, all with my AT Pro at 4 and 5 inches.”

Found by Jim H.: “Found the skull at the beginning of the hunt and the medal at the end. The skull from a charm bracelet is silver and the jaw moves. Can’t imagine what the rest of the charm bracelet looked like.

The medal commemorates the American Lutheran Quadricentennial of the Augsburg Confession and was made by the Concordia Publishing House of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod in 1930 to celebrate the 400th year anniversary of the 1530 Confession. It was made in two types–silvered metal, and bronze. This is the bronze one. Found with my Fisher F75 and both were about 3″ down.”

Found by Susannah K.: “Went on all day hunt with Jim H. in gorgeous weather before it turned cold. Found this HS ring which has the owner’s name inside, making it easy to trace to give back. Also a boy scout neckerchief slide and assorted change. Found 3 inches down with XP Deus in modified Sifter program.”

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October 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics to the club email. Include a brief description, depth found, and detector used.

BELOW PICS ALL FROM CIVIL WAR HUNT. Most items were found about 7 inches down, if not deeper.


Mike P.: “I found 8 mini’s, 2 forty four cal pistol bullets, 2 small pistol balls, 6 shotgun butts, and 2 horse shoes.”


Howard and Kathy H.: “Our finds combined.”


John W.: “Finds from the hunt. The ring might possibly be a modern split ring, but don’t know.”

Rick C.: “I think I have 10 .69 caliber bullets, a couple of round balls, a couple of pistol bullets, and John the owner thought the two real small ones were musket caps.”


Eric H.: “Fantastic Hunt!  31 Civil War bullets total including several “drops”.   27- 69 calibers , 2- 58 calibers, 1-44 caliber, 1- round ball, and 1- rare hexagon shaped bullet possibly from a Whitworth Rifle (still researching). 

I also found 7 horse shoes and other miscellaneous items. 
I gave two horseshoes to a fellow member who didn’t find any and donated a bullet to the Civil War Museum for educational purposes.
Special thanks to Mark Trout at the Civil War Museum for his review and for educating me on my finds.  Also, special thanks to land owner John for a once in a lifetime opportunity!”


Pam P.: “These are my finds, they look really meager compared to Tim’s. But I think that this long corroded item was either a knife handle or an eating utensil handle.”


Tim P.: “My finds for the day. Between Pam and myself–(1) .65 caliber, (48) .69 caliber, (1) .45 caliber, (1) .45 caliber round ball, (5) .545 caliber, (1) .22 caliber, (1) .475 pinfire”


Dan H.: “Here are my finds for the day. Good hunt”

Bill S.: “The good stuff… and that sign. =)
All Civil War fired miniè balls are .69 caliber rifle rounds. All are unique and some even have the ramrod marks from where they were loaded into the rifle. Even found some old shotgun brass found into woods. Thanks for a great club hunt.


Lee N.: “Found these relics 2-6 inches deep, with an Ace 250. I did not anticipate finding any coins, but deep in the woods, I found a bent War Nickle. The property owner, John, was so gracious hosting our club members.”

Susannah K.: “What a day! (11) .69 caliber minie balls, used by Missouri Militia, (1) .58 caliber minie ball, and (1) .31 caliber revolver shot, used in an 1849 pocket revolver. Shape and size shows it was issued by the St. Louis Arsenal. 2 hooks used to hold a pot over a campfire.”


Ron P: “What a great hunt, the best so far! Here is a photo of the Civil War items that I found. A horseshoe with square nails, a pocket knife, (7) fired .69 caliber 3-ring minie balls and (1) fired .58 caliber 3-ring minie ball.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Park hunt in nice weather. Not much in change, but got a washer toss disc, and a 14K men’s gold wedding band. 2 inches down with XP Deus on Sifter program.”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out solo for a hunt at the site of a new Urgent Care. Almost every hole was a coin. The Barber Quarter and ring found 4-5 inches deep. Everything else dug 2-4 inches deep. Found with my ACE 250. I plan on going back!”


Found by Susannah K.: “What a funny thing! In August Jim H. and I hunted for the property stakes and a gold ring for a homeowner. Jim found one property stake, but the ground was extremely dry and we couldn’t locate the other. The gold ring had been lost some years ago by a relative and we didn’t find that either. But Jim did find an earring heavily engraved and marked GF (gold filled). [See August finds below]. I told the owner I would be back after my trip to Ireland to hunt for the other stake, but the owner and I agreed to wait until we had rain. Last week I went back and found the property stake, and the other earring! Also a 1950s-60s aluminum dogwood flower pin, heavily corroded.

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September 2018




Found by Lee N.: “Lee N went out with Tom R, Marvin G and Russell B. This piece of copper was found 4 inches deep, with an AT Pro. Canadian pat #5069, Nov 7, 1882. Identified as a leaf spring to a seat of a wagon.”


Found by Ron P.: “Here is a photo of the coins, all modern, that I found on the Mystery Hunt at Hidden Valley Ski Resort on 9/15.  There are 47 coins totaling $9.04 consisting of 32 quarters, 9 dimes, 2 nickels and 4 pennies.  There was a lot more to be found, but the heat finally sent me home after a couple hours of detecting.”

Found by Kathy H.: “Found in the yard of an old house, most were about 4-5 inches deep, with my XP Deus. Don’t know what the knife is.”

Found by Bill S.: “Ok, this thing found at Hidden Valley is a “bottle cap” made by Bakoda and is used as part of a traction board for snowboarding. Makes sense given where it was found. +/- 4″ deep using a White’s MX7″

Found by Susannah K.: “Proceeds of Hidden Valley hunt. Got the same snowboard cap as Bill S., but not as pretty. Cannot figure out what the pin represents. Pinback was in the middle back of the pyramid.”


Found by Bill S.: “Monday beat the heat hunt. Local park, typical finds. All less than 4″.  White’s MX7 w/13″ Detech DD Coil.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Surface find in Ireland, where you aren’t allowed to detect. A lowly one cent Euro. Oh well, still have lovely memories of the country.”


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August 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics, depth found, and detector type to the club email.


Found by Ron P.: “I went out yesterday to a private permission site and found the following: 1 non-magnetic ring with no hallmarks, 1 cub scout neckerchief slide, 1 brass strap buckle and 42 coins totaling $5.67. There was 1 Susan B. Anthony dollar, 11 clad quarters, 18 clad dimes and 12 copper pennies. The oldest coin was 1966 and the newest was 2015. Most were found at an average of 3″ with my Garrett AT Pro.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found a pocket watch, a cigar lighter from 1940’s, a hair beret, a car, and a few coins, all about 5-6 inches with my ATPro.”


Found by Jim H.: “Went with Susannah on a C.A.T. callout for a lost gold ring and property stakes. Didn’t find the ring, but found one property stake and we are working on the others and the ring. Meanwhile, I found this engraved earring. On the back it says Roman 12K GF. The GF means gold-filled which by US law must be at least 1/20th gold by weight. The Roman Company was founded in St. Louis by Melvin Roman in 1972. They made good-quality jewelry, but were more widely known for their engraving. The business was sold in 1984. Found with my Fisher F75 at about 3 inches deep.”


Found by Dawn W.: “Silver ring with butterfly sides. First signal of first hole on the club hunt! Found 2 inches deep with Teknetics T2.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Found this silver puzzle ring on the club hunt. I paid for it by getting an extreme case of oak tree mites. About 2 inches down with my XP Deus using the Sifter program.”

Found by Matt G.: Two glass doorknobs. Found 1 inch deep with AT PRO. It is all one piece. Found by crawling under a pine tree. Same place I found a silver dime with my Ace 250. Trade token is the size of a penny, 3 inches deep. It’s not as old as it looks. Huffs Truck stop was at that location in the 50s-60s. It came looking just like that. All I did was dry brush it with a toothbrush and rinse it off once. The metal piece with “Lyric” on it is I believe a part of a knob off a Lyric Radio 1946 Bakelite Model 546T. See the sample pic of 3 knobs next to it.”


Found by Jim H. : “Chauffeur’s badge Missouri 1933 (See newsletter article–ed.), brass tag, gold-plated thingy that looks like a musical note, misc clad. All found 4-6 inches down with Fisher F75.”

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July 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pic to the club email. Include a brief description, depth, and detector used.


Found by Scott P.: “Quick 4th of July hunt. Some clad + 1917 25 centimes piece. AT Max at 4″ to 6″ down.”


Found by Julie W.: “My first piece of jewelry! [Congrats, Julie!–ed.] A necklace pendant found on the club hunt. Back has BRASS STER with JmC mark. Found 2-3 inches down with a Garrett Ace 400.”


Found by Rich B.: “Here’s a ring straight from the dirt on the club hunt. Thought it might be valuable, but it tested as cosmetic. Has a nick on the band. I’m learning jewelry repair and can use this for a sample. “


Found by Susannah K.: “Found this absolutely gorgeous ring on the club hunt. To say that my heart about jumped out of my chest is an understatement! But there’s just one teensy, tiny little flaw…it’s marked “Avon”. Still pretty though. About a 2-carat cubic zirconia  set in what I think is called their Classic pattern band. Found at 4″ with XP Deus.”


Found by Rob W.: “Coin hoard! Over $4 in clad found on the club hunt in one hole by a tree trunk and roots. Many Canadian quarters in there. Found with Teknectics T2.”

LNiron2018    LNmimi2018

Found by Lee N.: “A hunt at an old homesite. Found this child’s miniature toy iron, 10 inches deep, using an Ace 250. It is dated from 1890 to 1900. Also used by salesmen of irons, during that period. After one week of soaking in vinegar and brushing, it looks like the one on display at the St. Charles Museum.”

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June 2018

If you wish to post a find, send a pic to the club email. Include a brief description, detector used, and depth.


Found by Lee N.: “Found the items 6 inches deep, using a Ace 250. The war nickel looks like it went in the ground in 1945.”


Found by Rick C.: “Little hunt after work. $1.69 clad, and 2 bracelet charms, no silver. All found 2-4 inches deep with my Ace 250.”

Found by Bill S.: “Stroll-thru-the-park clad coins.
Did you know that Lincoln on the obverse of the one cent coin is the first President to be depicted on a US coin minted for regular circulation? Issued 1909 to commemorate Mr. Lincoln’s 100th birth year.


Found by Eric H.: “Special thanks to Jack Kountz for last month’s presentation on underwater detecting. After that meeting I purchased some used diver shoes, a new two-handle scoop and this is the result of my first underwater hunt. The rings (small one is silver) were found in four feet of water. The most difficult part was submerging my AT Pro for the first time. Once I was neck deep, I forgot about it. What a blast! Thanks again, Jack!”


Found by Scott P.: ” First silver with my AT Max. Shiloh Tn. 1941 half dollar about 4″ down. [Congrats Scott!–ed.]


Found by Kathy C.: “Found $2.27 in clad, a 3-inch magnet, a Tiger Cub Boy Scout slide, a kid’s ring, and a Liz Claiborne zipper pull. All with my RadioShack detector, about 2-6 inches deep.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found $1.41 clad, a Boy Scout Wolf neckerchief slide, a socket for locking lug nuts on a car, a steering wheel off toy tractor, and a pin, all with my Ace250 about 2-6 inches deep.”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out detecting with Tom R., Marvin G. and Russell B., at a pre-Civil War site. Found an 1892 IHP, 5 inches deep, with an ACE 250. Tom R. found an 1853 dime, not pictured, but relinquished to homeowner. I will be relinquishing the IHP, but I wanted to get a pic first. We used the Genevieve Method. The home owner was more excited about the finds than us, so it is good.”


Found by Jim H.: “The older coins were about 7-8 inches down, the newer ones 2 inches. The piece of copper, old bottle, and part of a plate were 8 inches, the small white jar about 7 inches, and the dolphin was swimming on the surface. Found with my Fisher F75.”



Found by Susannah K.: “Have no idea what this is. Had to do a semi-archeological dig to get it all out as it is pretty fragile. Solid copper with various hole sizes. Holes are rimmed. Inside all the copper pieces are what looks to be canvas. You can see the threads in the picture. Any ideas? Found with XP Deus on Deep program about 9″ down.”


Found by Rob W.: “Found these at a school picnic. It’s a great detector that finds $10 bills! The gold-looking coins are actually tokens. Found with Teknetics T2.”


Found by Kathy H.: “Looks like a pocket watch back, part of a miniature figurine, maybe a really old button and the assorted what-not iron and tin and a big hunk of glass!”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out with Russell B., Tom R. and Marvin G., for 3 separate permission digs. Items shown were dug 2-6 inches deep, with my Ace 250.  Actually, we received a fourth permission, which we will schedule.  Most residents want to know what is in their ground.  Just ask, all they can say is no.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Angel’s lost halo, keys to the Kingdom, and the money that Peter robbed to pay Paul.”  Found with my XP Deus on Trash program, 2-7 inches.”

Found by Kathy C.: “Found 69 cents in clad, a toy sheriffs badge, and a silver ring using a Radio Shack detector and found 2-6 inches deep. The ring was under a pull tab.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found 84 cents in clad, a watch piece, a dog tag with our dog’s name on it and a silver earing from Thailand using my Whites TreasureMaster at 2-4 inches deep.”


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May 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics to the club email. Add a brief description, and detector used.


Found by Rob W.: “Five 1965 quarters, three 1965 dimes, one 1964 nickel, three wheat pennies that I can’t make out the date. Used Teknetics T2.”

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