October Finds 2016



Found by Pat Reece: Sterling silver WWII Army Air Corp Pin found with an AT Pro at a depth of  3 inches.  Background: The United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) was the military aviation arm of the United States of America between 1926 and 1941, and was the predecessor of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF), established on 20 June 1941.


Found by Mike Steimel: “I got out for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon to an old yard in my south county neighborhood and got my first shield nickel, plus a couple of other nice things. Added today’s 1892-O Barber dime, too!” AT Pro with Nel Storm coil for all of these finds. Good old Missouri soil with fairly shallow coins for their age. 

St. Louis County yard on 10/28/16: 1883 Shield Nickel – About 4-5′ deep, 1893 V Nickel – About 4″, 1919 Streetcar token – 3″

Franklin County yard on 10/29/16: 1892-O Barber Dime – About 3″, Several Wheat Cents from the 1910s about – 3″


Found by Rick Crowell: Everything was 2-3 inches deep. Oldest coin is a 1973 quarter. The medallion is from St. Louis Zoo but no year.


Also found by Matt Huntman: “Spent some more time in the fields today and found a 1838 Seated Liberty Half Dime!  (Modern dime size to right). This is the oldest US coin I’ve found.  Cross another one off the list! I was using my Minelab Ctx3030 and this was about 6 inches down.”

1851 braided hair large cent–what I found and what it would have looked like.

1800 Spanish 8 Reale–what I found and what it would have looked like.

Found by Matt Huntman: “I’m still in total shock today.  I spent a few hours yesterday metal detecting a farm field (home site in mid to late 1800s) in Red Bud IL and rescued 2 coins that I’ve never found before.  The first coin I dug today was a 1800 Spanish 8 Reale.  This is my first foreign silver coin, my first Spanish Reale, and my oldest coin.  The second coin I found was a 1851 Braided Hair Large Cent.  I was using my Minelab Ctx3030. The Reale was 6 inches deep,  the large cent 2 inches deep. This is a field I’ve hit many times and have not found coins. This is by far my best day of detecting.  I may never top the Reale!”


Found by John Westermayer: “Used an Ace 400, the hoe head was found at 10 inches, the button at 1 inch in a gravel driveway and the metal tag at 2 inches. The metal tag has an old 3 digit phone number.”

Found by Susannah: “Thought this was a squashed bottle top until I cleaned it. Always clean your trash! The front of a copper medallion jewelry piece (before and after cleaning). A lady’s draped bust, facing left, with tiara/crown and a bun at the nape of her neck. Back has an iron bloom where the hinge was to the (missing) back piece. Found with my Deus at about 4 inches.”


Found by Joe Mefford: “Hunted an old mental hospital grounds. Part of wind chime, a hacksaw blade, and some old electrical components. Used an Ace 250.”


Found by Jynnifer Mefford: “A few shell casings, an old clamp, and some strange melted metal. I used an Ace 250 at a mental hospital grounds.” 


Found by Rick Crowell: “Found the coins at different depths and the buckle at about 6 inches all using an AT Pro.”


Found by Lee Nunnally: Found 2-4 inches deep, using Ace 250. Key, washer, 2 quarters, 2 dimes (1964-D Rosie), nickel, 2 pennies, metal button, hair scissors, ink pen.

Found by Matt Granicke: Used Garrett Ace 250, Zippo lighter at one inch, Dog collar at 2 inches. “I researched the code on the bottom of the lighter and it’s from 1991”. Found at St. Marcus hunt.


Found by Kathy Crowell: Found 30 pennies in one spot, a crack pipe, and some miscellaneous things all about 2 in. deep at St. Marcus Park hunt.


Found by Tom Rother: Garrett A T pro , 1959 penny, misc., 5-6 inches deep


Found by Lee Nunnally: Found 4 inches deep, using Ace 250, on 10-7-16, in Robertsville,Mo, Winchester number 12, Repeater, paper load, spent shotgun shell, 1904-1927.


Found by Lee Nunnally at St. Marcus Park hunt: Found 2-4 inches deep, using Ace 250, 2-Quarters, 3-Memorials, Bic lighter, Motorcycle chain master link and a triangular what-cha-ma-call-it


Found by Tony Sanders: “I used my Minelab E-Terra 70. They were both found 3-4 inches deep. The knife parts were together in the same hole.” Found at St. Marcus hunt.

lnassorted2016Found by Lee Nunnally: Used a Garrett 250. A pocket knife, ladies watch and a few coins, 2-4 inches deep.


Found by Rob Willett: Quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, gun shell casing, Boy Scout neck tie holder, Doctor Pepper and Pepsi bottle tops. Found with Fisher F22 metal detector.

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