May 2017



Found by John W. : “I found these items in a small front yard using my Ace 400. Most of the items were 4 to 6 inches deep. The items included pennies from 1918 to 1957, a 1939 mercury dime and a 1963 dog tax tag.”


MYSTERY HUNT: Rick C. : Massive key and key ring. Pinpointer is about 9 inches for scale. [Given where the keyring was found, and the key size, this is possibly the key to the front church doors. Church was built in 1850–ed.]


MYSTERY HUNT: Kathy C. : Beautiful buttons! Picture sent to the director at Fort de Chartres for identification. [Button on right has a shank that possibly dates it to the 1700s–ed.]


MYSTERY HUNT: Pat R. : Whatever it is, it’s old! Looks like a French coin or token. Writing on one side has an “S” and some other letters. Pictures sent to the director at Fort de Chartres for possible identification.  [Identified by the museum as a 6 denier French Louis XIV coin, 1711-1712]

MYSTERY HUNT: Pam P. : Indian head penny, 1892. We had a nice time.


MYSTERY HUNT: Ed H. : I got 1/2 a horse shoe, some nails, bits of iron and some aluminum and a tiny button. The button was in the hole I was digging, and a find is a find.


MYSTERY HUNT: Jim H. : Thought this thing was a 4″ shovel head, maybe for ashes, since at first the surface was completely smooth, gray-brown, and showed no markings whatsoever. Decided to soak it and get any crud off. Look what appeared! Don’t know what it is. Has designs made from swastikas. [Swastikas have been used for thousands of years. From the late 1800s to the 1920s, they gained popularity as good luck symbols. The stylized four-leaf design in the center behind the swastika designates a four-leaf clover. That would date this to between 1870s-1920s.–ed.] Maybe a grave marker? It has a flange near the handle, which is why it looked like a shovel.


MYSTERY HUNT: Eric H. : A 1927 S Mercury dime, 4 wheaties and 2 objects yet to be identified.  Thanks for a great hunt!!


MYSTERY HUNT: Bill S. : Not much but had a great time. 7mm fired rifle bullet, 1895-1902 UMC shotgun headstamp, modern coins and our favorite, (pull tabs). Thanks for the awesome permission. (can slaw & rusty nails not shown). =^)

MYSTERY HUNT: Tom R. : Thought this was trash until I cleaned it up, but I still don’t know what it is. Great hunt, weather was very nice. A lot of laughs. Also 3 cents, brass gutter hanger, scissors, nails, large washer and trash.

MYSTERY HUNT: Mike I.4 pennies, 4 dimes, 5 quarters, a buckle, a button, a bean back cufflink, [Bean-back cufflinks were primarily used from 1910 to late 1930s. From the stylized design, which looks to be a type called “Streamline Moderne”, this cufflink could possibly be dated around the mid-1930s–ed.] and a small ring, kid-size. Had fun today with everyone today.  Looking forward to the next time. 


Found by Jim H.:   Silver and gold! Both found within 3 days of each other near the same spot. Silver heart ring and 18K gold-plated Park Lane women’s ring. Found 6 inches deep with Fisher F-22.

Mike I.: Found this before the rain came at an old house in Arnold.  1867 Indian head penny that is very worn. Found with Garrett AT Pro at 4” deep.

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  1. Lee Nunnally says:

    The unidentified item Tom R. found appears to me to be an antique bracket to hold flowers, which is attached to a car door, usually a model T. They were ornate and used during funerals and at cemeteries. I saw something similar on American Pickers. Great find.

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