November 2017

Send pictures of your find to the club email. Include a brief description, and what depth you found it at.


Found by Bill S.: “Out detecting the farm this evening and came across a cache of sixteen 1947 Illinois Trap tags all in one hole, stacked together. What fun!”

Found by Bill S.: “Found a neat piece of history. Lapel pin promoting third party candidates Robert LaFollette for president and Burton Wheeler for vice president, 1924. Bronze. Green Duck Co., Chicago. “

Found by Scott P.:  “First silver! 1916-s. 12 memorials, 1 dime, other junk. Most 3″ to 4”. Garret ace 350.  [Congrats Scott!–ed.]


Found by Susannah K.: “Although I was actually searching more for arrowheads, I still got these on the pumpkin farm club hunt. 4 quarters (one a 1965, darn it), 2 dimes, and 5 pennies, plus a yin-yang psychedelic tie tac. Found on and right under the surface, except the 1965 quarter, which was 6 inches down”

Found by Ron P.: “Here is a photo (1) of a vintage brass and enamel Chevrolet radiator emblem that I detected at about 5″ using my AT Pro. I researched the item (2) and found that this was the font and style used by Chevy from 1914 to 1933.”


Found by Ron P.: “I found these items at the November club hunt between the surface and 3” deep using my AT Pro. There are 29 modern coins totaling $1.57. Also shown are 2 zipper pull tabs, 2 buttons, 1 junk ring, 1 Reebok metal plate, 1 brass fitting, 1 electric box knock out and 1 child’s hair clasp. “


Found by Bill S.: “Morning hunt resulted in a piece of a crotal bell. Found at 5″ using a White’s MX Sport. Too bad it’s just a piece but that’s how it goes sometime.


Found by Bill S.: “Found a couple of fired 9mm wadcutter bullets. A wadcutter is a special-purpose flat-fronted bullet specially designed for shooting paper targets, usually at close range at subsonic velocities typically under 900 ft/sec. Wadcutters are also typically used in revolver handguns. Found with a loaner White’s MX Sport at approx. 4 inches.”


Found by Pat R.: “Finally something decent! Jamaican and Canadian pennies, and eight wheaties. Located 3-5 inches deep, with an AT Pro.”

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