June 2019

IF YOU WISH TO POST A FIND, PLEASE GIVE US DETAILS, DEPTH FOUND, AND WHAT DETECTOR. ——–Please use something for scale, if possible.——-


Found by Lee N.: “Went out detecting with Tom R, Pat R. and Russell B. I dug the following relics, 4-6 inches deep, with my Garrett 400. The Tootsie Toy Badge is from early 50’s.”

Found by Rick C.: “Found an old cosmetic tin at a permission. It says “Luxor” on the front. After researching, it is from 1923–a cosmetic tin that Armour Meats started.”


Found by Tom D.: ” Found with my Equinox 2 to 4 inches deep.”


Found by Bill S.: “Neat glass bauble unearthed at June club (Mathilda park) hunt using a Whites MX7 and 7″ Detect coil. 3-4 inches hiding with a pulltab.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Found at the Mathilda Park hunt under very muddy conditions with my XP Deus on Sifter program. About 2-4 inches deep except the quarter which was a fortunate surface find. Some kind of metal cap and an unidentifiable metal object.”

Found by Eric H.: “1942 Walking Liberty half dollar found with Garrett A/T Pro, 4 inches deep.”

Found by Tom D.: “Found with my Equinox 800. The medal I found was about 9 or 10 inches deep. I think it’s a German “cross for merit” WW1 watch fob. The pictures on the front are (left) Kaiser Wilhelm–(right) Franz Josef . At the bottom there are 2 soldiers holding rifles and shaking hands. There is some small print in between them that I can’t read. Above the 2 men it has 1914. On the back it has “Erinnerung    Len   Welt  Krieg  1914  1915 [ed.–“Erinnerung an den Weltkrieg 1914-1915” or “In remembrance of the World War 1914-1915”] “.  Most coins I found were from 2 to 6 in. deep. It is so neat that the silver dimes still shine, where the new coins don’t.”

Found by Eric H.: “Detected a lake and a creek. My truck and tow chain took care of the first picture and my Garret A/T Pro took care of the second picture. (No, the arrowhead did not “blow out my eardrums”!)


Found by Lee N.:  “Went out with Tom R and Kathy H to detect an 1850 site. Dug the buckle, round ball and oil lamp knob, 6-8 inches deep, with my Garrett 400. The 1952-d wheatie, token and clad, 3-4 inches deep. 12 o’clock and the heat index was 101, wow. Be careful out there.”

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