April 2022


2022FOM-April- Rick C.-2

Rick C-4/30/22 Ten toy cars,an emblem off something,a door stop, a Washington 1944 silver quarter, and some change. All with my Equinox 600 4-8 inches deep.

2022FOM-April- Tim P.-2

2022FOM-April- Tim P.-1

Tim P.- 4/9/22 Hunt- 5 silver coins. 1 wheat,  1 3 ringer. Misc clad

2022FOM-April- Philip N

Philip N: 4/9/22 Hunt- Ammunition: 3-ringer dropped, white lead oxide patina, civil war era,Shotgun head, small, rusted (before brass?)Pellet fired .22 fired (2) 20 gauge shell modern Coins: 2 Dimes: 1978D & 1992D 2 Bronze Cents: 1976D & 1981 Zinc Cent: unknown Misc: TootsieToy 234 Box Truck, red, top smashed down, piece missing from side  Key, brass, UNICAN unknown decorative top ? part of a broken cap gun trigger tag parts of an oil lamp? washer

2022FOM-April- Jeremy G.-1

2022FOM-April- Jeremy G.-2

Jeremy G.: 4/9/22 Hunt

2022FOM-April- Humphrey C.-1

2022FOM-April- Humphrey C.-2

Humphrey C.- 4/9/22 Hunt

2022FOM-April- Pat R.-1

Pat R.: Club Hunt 4/9/22, 3-ringers and a toy jet. All found 4-5 inches deep with an AT Max

2022FOM-April- John G K.-1

John G K.: Hunt 4/9/22- Bell, (2) 3 ringers, 1856 Seated Dime, Shot gun shell head stamp

2022FOM-April- Robert T.-2

2022FOM-April- Robert T.-1

Robert T.: Hunt 4/9/22-Early 1800’s flat button with a backmark (federal eagle and wheat sheafs), Garrett 300 and it was found at 4 inches

2022FOM-April- John W.-1

John W.: Hunt 4/9/22- Mystery item?

2022FOM-April- Tom D.-1

Tom D.: Hunt 4/9/22-1981 D penny, a flattened out musket ball, a few pieces of flint knapped  flint, and a butter knife

2022FOM-April- Scott P.--4-9-22

Scott P.: Hunt 4/9/22

2022FOM-April- Rick C.-1

Rick C.: 4/9/22 Hunt- Found seven Pennies, a hot wheels car, a couple of charm bracelet pieces, a 3 ringer and a 44 cal. casing. All 4-6 inches with an Equinox 600

2022FOM-April- Scott P.-32022FOM-April- Scott P.-22022FOM-April- Scott P.-1

Scott P.: Quick hunt 4/7/22  two civil war era buttons all items were shallow 2″to3″. With a Deus 2

2022FOM-April- Robert P.-1

Robert P.: 1900 V Nickel, AT Pro, 3-4 inches

2022FOM-April- Jim H.-1

Jim H.: 1963 Dime, Fisher F22, 5 inches


Pat R.: Victorian Sash Buckle, AT Pro, 4 inches

4-5-22-FOM-ScottP.-Interesting Item

Scott P.: 1923 St. Louis Cardinals/St. Louis Browns Advertising  Schedule, Equinox 800, 4 inches

4-5-22-FOM-HumphreyC.-Oldest Coin

Humphrey C.: 1886 IHP

2022FOM-April- David S.-1

David S.: .25 Caliber, AT Pro, 4 inches

2022FOM-April- Eric H.-1

Eric H.: Late 1800’s Broach, Equinox 800, 3 inches

2022FOM-April- John W.-1

John W.-Buffalo Nickel, Equinox 800, 2 to 3 inches deep

2022FOM-April- Mark A.-1

Mark A.: Cannon Fodder, Garrett, Just Below Surface

2022FOM-April- Susannah K.-1

Susannah K.: Pre-1905 Decorative Hook, XP Deus, 3″ depth

2022FOM-April- Monroe B.-1

Monroe B.: Gold Chain, AT Max, 2 inches

2022FOM-April- Philip N.-2

Philip N.: Cross, Equinox 800, 9 inches

2022FOM-April- Philip N.-1

Philip N.: St. Patrick’s Token, Equinox 800, 8 inches


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