August 2022


2022FOM-August- Danny B.-2

Danny B.-Just an update as to my coin finds so far. Nothing old, but allot of clad from 3 parks (150+). There are numerous targets, so I set my disc high and notch out most of the mid tones in order to hear the coins. It appears to be working!!  I’m going to “coin shoot” the parks until cooler weather, then start digging all mid tones. Two parks have swimming beaches, I haven’t even entered the water yet, but I will at some point.

RollaHunt-8-13-22-Mike Longo

Found by Mike L.


Doug G.- Top – 2 modern bullets& belt rivet. Bottom- CW pistol ball & two 22 bullets


Member Finds

RollaHunt-8-13-22-Danny Bailey-1RollaHunt-8-13-22-Danny Bailey-2

Danny B- One is the total things I found, bullets/shrapnel, shotgun caps, modern arrow point and the trash. The other photo is the civil war bullets cleaned up. I found 5 CW bullets, it was fun!! The items were 2″-6″ deep, AT Max


Philip N.- Deputy Sheriff badge from Newton County Arkansas. The modern ones are much more elaborate. In the front and back photos, the squares are 5 mm X 5 mm.

Philip N.-I also found something that I have not identified yet. Photos of 2 sides

2022FOM-August- Eric H.-1

Eric H.- Meditation Ring, Equinox 800, 3 feet deep

8-2-22-FOM-John W.-Interesting Item

John W.- Vintage Watch FOB Clip , Equinox 800, 3 inches deep

8-2-22-FOM-Doug R.-Jewelry

Doug R.- Gold Ring, White Surf Master, In water

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