March 2023

Brad P. recovered an 1857 Cent at an 8 inch depth.
John D. K. found an old rosary at a 3 inch depth with a Garrett.
Kent H. recovered a gold ring at a 3 to 5 inch depth with his Garrett Ace 400.
Bob T. found a 19th Century, hand-forged, wrought iron hook at a depth of 4 inches with his Garrett Ace 300.
David S. recovered a wagon harness with his Garrett ATPro at a 6 inch depth.
Douglas R. found a Confederate spur on the ground with his White detector.
Eric H. recovered a 14K gold ring in 3 feet of water with his Minelab 800.
Philip N. found a Cooper, Key wind, Hunter style, pocket watch from the mid-1800s or earlier with his Equinox 800 at a depth of 8 inches.
Susannah K. recovered a well house sprocket for a bucket with her XP Deus at a depth of 6 inches.

Pat R. found a 1909, V nickel at a 3 inch depth with an AT Max.

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