January 2016

Posted below are some of the unique finds discovered by our members. If any member would like their find displayed, email us at detectinghistory@yahoo.com and attach your photo. Please list depth found, type of detector, and a brief description.

Please click on the picture to see details.


Found by Matt at a depth of 2 inches–14″ horse hoof rasps
using a Garrett Ace 250 with 6.5×9” coil

Rob's pic

Found by Rob, the hands at a depth of  5 inches and the dime at a depth of about 5-6 inches using a Fisher F22. Both hands slightly different, possibly used for holding a placecard.


Obverse–“Turnbull Society Carnival Club. Metairie, LA.”. Reverse–“GOOD LUCK, 1972 St. Patrick’s Day, ‘May you be in heaven one hour before the devil knows you’re dead’”. Found at 2 inches with XP Deus by Susannah. Silver dollar size, aluminum.


Dug by Matt–1700s-1800s? hand forged iron fence top at 2 inches; “The Pullman Company” silver plated table spoon, c1940 ?, at 4 inches, both dug with Garrett  Ace 250 with 6.5×9 coil.

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