March Finds 2016


Found by Matt G. at depth of 2-4″ using an Ace 250.

A Miraculous Medal lost by Dave Steck’s nephew 60 years ago, was found in the nephew’s parents backyard by Dave at a depth of 4″ using an ACE 350 detector.  The medal was returned to the nephew as a memento of his childhood.

Bike Medallion

Pioneer bicycle medallion. 1930s. Division of Kendron Wheel Co. Later went on to become Champion Bicycle Co. Found by Susannah at a depth of 4″ with an XP Deus.

Dog Tags

Two dog tags, “Rosie” and “Bubba”. Found by Susannah at two places, 2 and 3 inches down, using an XP Deus. Owners were contacted; neither owner wanted them returned.

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