April Finds 2016

If you wish your finds to be posted, please send a photo via detectinghistory@yahoo.com. Include a short description, what detector you used, and at what depth you found them.


Lee keychain April

Found by Lee Nunnally on 4-28-2016, in Affton, using a Garrett 250, 4 inches deep.  Lee says, “How did the owner lose these, the 2 keys are so big?”

Rob's coins April

Found by Rob Willett. A 1940 nickel, 1943 Mercury winged Liberty silver dime same hole 3 – 3 1/2 inches deep. Fisher f22 was use and the soil was wet.


Found by Lee Nunnally on 4-7-16, detecting with a Garrett 250.   The Marine Corps token (Toys for Tots) was found within one inch and 2-nickles, 1-dime and 8-memorial pennies 2-4 inches deep.  “The token was significant for me, since I am a Marine Corps Veteran.”

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