May Finds 2016

If you wish your finds to be posted, please send a photo via Include a short description, what detector you used, and at what depth you found them.

Mark Harris–“I found this in our local park using Teknetics Omega w/ N.E.L Tornado coil.  The park sits behind what was formally the old school which dates back to the very early 1900’s.” A very ornate handle.


Found by Chris and Sam Allard with a Fisher F2 and White’s 6000/Di Pro SL at about 4 inches. The first image of a McKinley Hobart Campaign Badge is what the badge would have looked like originally. The second image is the actual badge Chris and Sam found.

Allard finds1

Also found by Chris and Sam Allard.

1906 V nickel and pre-1918 horseshoe found with special permission by Susannah at the MO Civil War Museum at 6 inches using an XP Deus.

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1 Response to May Finds 2016

  1. bruce langbein says:

    Hi Susannah,
    Nice finds but that looks like a 1906 nickel rather than a penny.

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