July Finds 2016

If you wish to submit a photo, please send it to detectinghistory@yahoo.com. Include your name, a brief description of the item, how deep, and what type of detector.


Iron Cross 7.18.2016 b

Found by Bill Seibel. “OK I don’t know what this is but it is interesting….
What is it?
About 1″ long by 1/2″ in width.
Looks to have a Iron Cross in the middle of it.
Rings up as copper but doesn’t look to be copper. Found where a German family lived.
Found 3″ deep using a White’s TreasurePro.”
ASK THE EXPERTS answer: It looks to be the top of a utensil handle.

Found by Matt Granicke. Silver Lady charm  figurine, 3 inches deep, Ace 250. Great Seal hat band button. The shank is threaded and is slightly smaller than a dime. Found 4 inches deep, Ace 250.

copper ring 2016

Found by Susannah on Mystery Hunt #2 with XP Deus at 3 inches. Heavy adjustable copper ring, initials first thought to be “SH” but now known to be “HS”. See August newsletter article for research done by Bill Seibel.



Found in Dogtown by Lee Nunnally and Dave Steck, at a house built from lumber from the 1904 World’s Fair.  The nail punch looking item is in reality a copper connection to a lightning rod.  It was connected to a deeply buried cable.  If anyone has any insight as to what the disc is…Lee would appreciate it.  It was found where an old garage was that housed a Model T.  All were found 4-6 inches deep.

ASK THE EXPERTS answer: The disc is a Model T timing gear.

fuse Jun 2016

Found by Susannah at club hunt at Fultz Field. Old fuse for a junction box. Found 4 inches deep with XP Deus.


Found by Rick Crowell. “Necklace I found today at Crew Course Park using a Garrett 250 at a depth of about 4 inches”.

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