August Finds 2016

Send your finds pictures to Include your name, brief description of item, depth found, and type of detector.

Found by Matt Huntman. “I have found 2 rings this month.  I found the silver .925 men’s ring on Aug. 18th at Forest Park at a depth of 4 inches.  The black and silver ring made of tungsten and ceramic was found Aug. 23rd at Forest Park at a depth of 3 inches.  I found both with my Garrett AT-Pro.”


Found by Jim Hammond about 3 inches deep using a Fisher F22.


Bobby Lewis: “I found this silver ring at a vacant school.  It was about 3 inches deep, and I was using my Whites V3i.”

Found by Kathy Crowell at monthly hunt: An angel pendant and fan earring, plus a hinge and oil can lid.

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