December 2016

If you wish to post a find, send your picture, a brief description, how deep it was found, and what detector you used.


Found by Rick Crowell: “Finds at city park. Using Ace 250. A hot wheels truck, $2.50 in clad coins, and a little clasp.”

Found by John Westermayer: “These 3 coins were found in one 6 inch diameter hole at 2 inches deep using a Garrett Ace 400. The signal was ranging from 50 to 90 but very strong. These hot wheel cars were found in one back yard between 1 and 2 inches deep.”

Found by Bill Seibel: Park finds. Child’s Owl ring, mystery copper token, old plated spoon marked “Dukes Service Brand” $2.11 clad coins + miscellaneous. All found 2- 4 inches deep using White’s TreasurePro.


Found by Susannah: A further mini hunt. Silver-plated child’s ring, a copper alloy locket with a rose on front. It opens, but there were no pictures. The back is inscribed “Love Forever”. Plus $1.41 in clad.

Found by Susannah: A foreign coin with a hole, a child’s ring, and an Ernie the Keebler elf hockey pin from the 2014 Sochi Olympics (fully intact with pin backing). Plus a small ghost from a charm bracelet, 2 earrings, a bead, and 74 cents in clad. 2-4 inches using an XP Deus.


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