January 2017

If you wish to post a find, please send your pictures to the club email. Include your name, brief description of items, what detector you used, and how deep you found it.


Found by Kathy C.: I found these coins, a ring, and a spoon at a local park using a Radio Shack detector.


Found by Lee N.: Went out today to get some exercise and sun, temp was 65.  Using my Garrett 250, I dug 8 memorials, 2 dimes, 2 pieces of jewelry and a blown fuse, all 3-4″ deep.

Found by Matt G.:  A small four leaf clover charm found at one inch deep. The back says “SARAH COV.”  Which is a costume  jewelry company that was founded in 1949 and closed in 1984.

1897 Indian Head penny  2 inches deep. I found it in a horseshoe pit.

Disk harrow toy  found at 3 inches. All found with Garrett Ace 250.


Found by Bill S.: 3 shotgun headstamps (UMC NEW CLUB 12 with star around primer 1911 – 1914), fired 22 bullet, fired deer slug, broadhead on broken carbon arrow, big brass clockwork gear, brass washer and old pocket knife. All 4- 6 inches deep using White’s TreasurePro.


Found by Pat R.: November find and December surprise! WWII US Military Sterling Silver Cross Lapel Pin. I found the sterling pin on the right in November, and had trouble identifying what it was. My December surprise was to pick a replica of it during our club holiday party! Now I need to go back to the spot where I found it with my AT Pro, and see if I can locate any of the accomplishment tags.

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