March 2018

If you wish to post a find, send your pictures to the club email. State depth and type of detector and any other information about the find.


Found by Jim H.: “Besides a bunch of clad, I found this Tiger cub scout necktie slide from the 1960s. All copper and in mint condition. Found with my Fisher F22”.

Found by Susannah K.: “The results of 3 hunts. 1st–found an advertising thimble from the 1920s, still has the blue paint, says “American Natl. Ins. Co., Galveston, TX”. 2nd–found a 1960 silver dime and a copper rouge case lid. Design is somewhat Art Deco but don’t know a date for it. Also found several wheaties. 3rd–Found a three-ringer minie ball. All found with my XP Deus, thimble was 2″, dime was 4″, case lid was on surface, minie ball was 5″.


Found by Rob W.: “This Teknectics T2 is great. A 925 silver chain, made in Italy”

Found by Lee N.: “Went out today, with Russell B. and Tom R. I found this seal military button, 8 inches deep, with my Ace 250. Best military button I have ever dug, with backside reading, “Philadelphia Horstmann”. Confirmed WWI, by Trinkets and Treasures of Missouri and Illinois.”

Found by Kathy H.: “Found on Mystery Hunt #1. A St. Louis Zoo smashed penny, headstamps, various partifacts, and a large wrench the owner was glad to get back.”


Found by Lee N: “Found the following on the club Mystery Hunt #1. Found 2-4 inches deep, except for the pocket knife, which was found on top of ground, under a deer tree stand. Found with my Ace 250. My new favorite place to hunt is under a tree stand.”


Found by Kathy C.: “These are my finds from our Mystery Hunt #1 today. $1.13 clad, a bullet fidget spinner, a ring, some bullets, and odds and ends. All found with a Radio Shack detector at about 2-3 inches.”


Found by Lee N.: “Great week-end to detect. Lee N. found these objects from two hunts, in St. Louis area. Went out with fellow club members, Tom R., Marvin G., Russ B., Pat R., Susannah K. and Jim H.. All found 2-8 inches deep, with my Ace 250.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Out on a hunt with the boys and found a 1950s Nichols Dyna-Mite toy derringer cap gun. And later Lee N. found one of the caps for it in the same area! Found with my XP Deus on Deep setting at 5 inches.”


Found by Jim H.: “Found by old building. A military dress button that went into use in pre-WWI and was still in use in WWII. I have a picture of an ancestor of mine from 1918 who is wearing a coat with the same button type. Found with a Fisher F-22 at 8 inches.”



Found by Jim H: Results of several hunts. 

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1 Response to March 2018

  1. Lee N. says:

    The object that Kathy H. found, that looks like a trailer hitch ball, is off the top post of a old wrought iron bed. I used to take them off my grandma’s bed. Usually lost when moving the beds. Cool find.

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