April 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics, a short description, depth found, and detector used to the club email.


Found by Scott P.: “Some clad, usual junk, and a sterling ring. Ace 350”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out today with Russell B. and Tom R. to an old school site. Found the following items 4-6 inches deep, using Ace 250.”

Found by Jim H.: “Found another silver! It’s been a good year so far. The 4 pennies under the drawer pull are wheaties from 4 inches deep. The rest were from a spread-out coin spill close by, between 4-5 inches deep. The drawer pull was on top of someone else’s dug plug. I guess they didn’t want it. Used a Fisher F22”


Found by Jim H.: “Found this silver ring and 2 dimes within the first 5 minutes. 3 inches down with Fisher F22.”


Found by Rob W.: “Out on a hunt with wife Dawn and Jim H. Second silver quarter this month. Found with Teknetics T2.”


Found by Scott P.: “First silver this year, first old coin spill. My own back yard, 3 to 4″ deep. Used a Garret Ace 350.”


Found by Jim H.: “Out on a hunt with Susannah K., Rob and Dawn W.  2003 Chevy Cup commemorative pin found 2 inches down with Fisher F22.”


Found by Bill S.: “Things that go boom and a full harmonica reed. Found in the woods on the farm less than 4″ each, using a White’s MX7″


Found by Eric H.: Found with a Garret A/T Pro.  Axes, head stamps, bullets and an arrowhead. Sounds like my kind of crowd!

Found by Jim H.: “Out on a hunt with Susannah K.. It was a good day for both of us.  1941 silver Merc. Found  at 7″ deep with my Fisher F22.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Out with Jim H. today. This is the biggest coin spill I have ever found! 19 wheaties and 7 memorials in one 12″-wide hole, 5″ deep. Wheaties range from the 1930s-1950s. Plus in other spots–2 crud modern pennies, 1 nickel, and 1 dime, plus a silver washed dogtag. Used XP Deus using special program.” 

Found by Lee N.: “Went out for a couple hours, Thursday afternoon, with Tom R, Marvin G. and Russ B..  I got a consistent high signal under a boulder. I used my shovel and lifted the rock and found what looked like a small tin can, but it had a handle. I threw it in my trash bag. When I got home, I observed a hallmark on the bottom. Researched it and found it to be a baby cup, Sterling, made during the 30’s for Tiffany. I straightened it out, cleaned and polished it. I used my Ace 250 detector.”

Found by Rob W.: “Out with my wife and father-in-law. Found a 1961 silver quarter and a penny in the same hole, using Technetics T2”

Found by Bobby L.: “Found this on the last Mystery Hunt. First signal of the day, just a few steps from my truck. Took it to a jeweler. It’s a 14K gold monocle from the 1800s. The glass was in it but fell out when I brought it home. It’s a little bit bigger than a quarter in size. Found with my Whites V3i at 3 inches.”

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