October 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics to the club email. Include a brief description, depth found, and detector used.

BELOW PICS ALL FROM CIVIL WAR HUNT. Most items were found about 7 inches down, if not deeper.


Mike P.: “I found 8 mini’s, 2 forty four cal pistol bullets, 2 small pistol balls, 6 shotgun butts, and 2 horse shoes.”


Howard and Kathy H.: “Our finds combined.”


John W.: “Finds from the hunt. The ring might possibly be a modern split ring, but don’t know.”

Rick C.: “I think I have 10 .69 caliber bullets, a couple of round balls, a couple of pistol bullets, and John the owner thought the two real small ones were musket caps.”


Eric H.: “Fantastic Hunt!  31 Civil War bullets total including several “drops”.   27- 69 calibers , 2- 58 calibers, 1-44 caliber, 1- round ball, and 1- rare hexagon shaped bullet possibly from a Whitworth Rifle (still researching). 

I also found 7 horse shoes and other miscellaneous items. 
I gave two horseshoes to a fellow member who didn’t find any and donated a bullet to the Civil War Museum for educational purposes.
Special thanks to Mark Trout at the Civil War Museum for his review and for educating me on my finds.  Also, special thanks to land owner John for a once in a lifetime opportunity!”


Pam P.: “These are my finds, they look really meager compared to Tim’s. But I think that this long corroded item was either a knife handle or an eating utensil handle.”


Tim P.: “My finds for the day. Between Pam and myself–(1) .65 caliber, (48) .69 caliber, (1) .45 caliber, (1) .45 caliber round ball, (5) .545 caliber, (1) .22 caliber, (1) .475 pinfire”


Dan H.: “Here are my finds for the day. Good hunt”

Bill S.: “The good stuff… and that sign. =)
All Civil War fired miniè balls are .69 caliber rifle rounds. All are unique and some even have the ramrod marks from where they were loaded into the rifle. Even found some old shotgun brass found into woods. Thanks for a great club hunt.


Lee N.: “Found these relics 2-6 inches deep, with an Ace 250. I did not anticipate finding any coins, but deep in the woods, I found a bent War Nickle. The property owner, John, was so gracious hosting our club members.”

Susannah K.: “What a day! (11) .69 caliber minie balls, used by Missouri Militia, (1) .58 caliber minie ball, and (1) .31 caliber revolver shot, used in an 1849 pocket revolver. Shape and size shows it was issued by the St. Louis Arsenal. 2 hooks used to hold a pot over a campfire.”


Ron P: “What a great hunt, the best so far! Here is a photo of the Civil War items that I found. A horseshoe with square nails, a pocket knife, (7) fired .69 caliber 3-ring minie balls and (1) fired .58 caliber 3-ring minie ball.”


Found by Susannah K.: “Park hunt in nice weather. Not much in change, but got a washer toss disc, and a 14K men’s gold wedding band. 2 inches down with XP Deus on Sifter program.”


Found by Lee N.: “Went out solo for a hunt at the site of a new Urgent Care. Almost every hole was a coin. The Barber Quarter and ring found 4-5 inches deep. Everything else dug 2-4 inches deep. Found with my ACE 250. I plan on going back!”


Found by Susannah K.: “What a funny thing! In August Jim H. and I hunted for the property stakes and a gold ring for a homeowner. Jim found one property stake, but the ground was extremely dry and we couldn’t locate the other. The gold ring had been lost some years ago by a relative and we didn’t find that either. But Jim did find an earring heavily engraved and marked GF (gold filled). [See August finds below]. I told the owner I would be back after my trip to Ireland to hunt for the other stake, but the owner and I agreed to wait until we had rain. Last week I went back and found the property stake, and the other earring! Also a 1950s-60s aluminum dogwood flower pin, heavily corroded.

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