November 2018

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics to the club email. Include a brief description, depth found, and detector used.


Found by Bill S.: “Unearthed a nice “Winged Liberty” dime. Silver is always nice. Was hiding 5″ deep and discovered using a White’s MX7 and 13″ Detech Coil.”

Found by Rick C.: “Hunted a few days this week and turned up some silver. A silver ring, a sterling Victorian pin, a Rosie dime, and a silver necklace, all with my AT Pro at 4 and 5 inches.”

Found by Jim H.: “Found the skull at the beginning of the hunt and the medal at the end. The skull from a charm bracelet is silver and the jaw moves. Can’t imagine what the rest of the charm bracelet looked like.

The medal commemorates the American Lutheran Quadricentennial of the Augsburg Confession and was made by the Concordia Publishing House of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod in 1930 to celebrate the 400th year anniversary of the 1530 Confession. It was made in two types–silvered metal, and bronze. This is the bronze one. Found with my Fisher F75 and both were about 3″ down.”

Found by Susannah K.: “Went on all day hunt with Jim H. in gorgeous weather before it turned cold. Found this HS ring which has the owner’s name inside, making it easy to trace to give back. Also a boy scout neckerchief slide and assorted change. Found 3 inches down with XP Deus in modified Sifter program.”

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1 Response to November 2018

  1. Lee Nunnally says:

    The Victorian pin, Rick C. found, is a Gibson Girl pin. 1890-1900. Outstanding find.

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