March 2019

If you wish to post a find, please send your pics to the club email. Include a brief description, detector used, and depth found.

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by John W.: “Here are the items I found. The cylinder looks like it has a gasket so am trying to open it. Also, can someone identify what I think is a tab pin? It was covered in mud and I thought it was a piece of siding till I cleaned it up. Found the items 2 to 4 inches with my Ace 400.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Scott P.: “All found around 6″ with Equinox 800. Pin date is July 1900.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Pat R.: “A broken ax head and a metal padlock.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Rich B.: “Finds from the hunt.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Lee N.: “Lee N. dug these relics, 3-6 inches deep, using his new Ace 400. Great day, great hunt and great people.”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Eric H.: “Great hunt, thanks Scott! Lots of cool items found but not much by me. This large Cross was my best. Just cast metal but still neat to find!”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Susannah K.: “Silver-washed pin, 1930s taillight, tag #38, interesting glass plate piece, key, clad.”

MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Bill S.: “Old iron key & small tag for The 3rd Bell Inn, Alton, Illinois. (future research assignment)”


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Rick M.: “Used an E-Trac. Everything four inches or less.  Nice hunt.


MYSTERY HUNT #1. Found by Tom R.: “This is all I found and can slaw, unlike the “silver bar” Mackie found LOL.”


Found by Eric H.: “Went out before the predicted rain tomorrow. Detected an old logging road along a creek bottom and unearthed this antique three foot long saw! It would have been a lot easier to dig if I could have used the saw to cut all the roots I had to shovel through!”

Found by Jim H.: “Quickie hour hunt before the rain. Not much but it was good to get out. Found with Fisher F75.”

Found by Matt G.: “Reverse -Good for one cake PALMOLIVE soap free when you buy one cake

Obverse – To dealers  This check will be redeemed at your retail price and only when conditions on the reverse side have been complied with
The Palmolive-Peet Co Chicago P-1009

It is half dollar sized, made of brass and is from 1926 to 1928. Found with AT Pro.”


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