April 2019

If you wish to post a find, please send in your picture along with the depth found and type of detector.

MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Rick C.: “These are some of the things from the Rolla hunt. The round ball at top right is a canister shot for a cannon. Found with my AT Pro with Thunder Coil. All deep.”


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Bob W.: “My finds from the Rolla hunt.”

MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Ricky M.: “Had a great time!!! Plus a MIRACLE I did not find a pull tab. Remarkable!!!!”


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Ron S.


MYSTERY HUNT #2:   Found by Howard and Kathy H.


MYSTERY HUNT #2: Found by Lee N.: “The name on the plaque is “R. Staubly”. It was first thought to be a grave marker, but the landowner researched the cemeteries and there is no one by that name. He is now researching whether it might have been a Civil War soldier’s nameplate on a personal items box. Found 4 inches deep with Ace 400.”


Found by Scott P: “Found 3″ to 4″ deep with Equinox 800. 1962 & 1929 dimes, 2 no-date buffalos, 9 wheats.”

Found by Rob W.: “Pretty cool spoon I found. Has maker’s mark and say Sterling. Has “US” on handle.”

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