October 2022


10-4--22-FOM-Eric H.-Most Interesting Jewelry

Eric H. – 14K Gold Diamond Ring, Minelab 800, 2-5 feet

10-4-22-FOM-Jim H.-Oldest Coin

Jim H.- 1579 Silver Coin, XP Deus, Found in Dirt Clod

10-4-22-FOM-Julie W.-Interesting Item

Julie W.- 1800’s Suspender Buckle, Garrett Ace 400, 3″ deep

2022FOM-October- Brad P

Brad P.- Penny/Token, Whites Eagle

2022FOM-October- Humphrey C.-2

2022FOM-October- Humphrey C.-1

Humphrey C.- Token, AT Pro, 4″ deep

2022FOM-October- John W

John W.– Vintage Matchbox Superfast Mercedes 350SL 1973 Mfg. Lesley Products before Mattel bought them. Made in England, Equinox 800, 2″ deep

2022FOM-October- Marvin G

Marvin G.- 1939 Wheat Penny, Garrett Ace 400, 6″ deep

2022FOM-October- Monroe B.-1

Monroe B.- 1853 Seated Quarter, Deus 2, 2-3″ in creek

2022FOM-October- Pat R

Pat R.- 1906 Barber Dime, AT Max, 2″ deep




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