November 2022




2022FOM-November- Scott P

Scott P. -Finds from recent hunt

11-1-22-FOM-Bob T.-Oldest Coin

Bob T.- 1899 Indian Head Penny, Garmin 300, 4″ Deep

11-1--22-FOM-Doug R.-Most Interesting Jewelry

Doug R.- Locket, Whites, 2″ deep

11-1-22-FOM-Julie W.-Interesting Item

Julie W.- Mid 1800’s Clay Marble, Garrett AT MAX, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- David S

David S.- Brouch, Garrett AT PRO, 3-4″ deep

2022FOM-November- Eric H

Eric H. – School Lunch Token, Minelab 800, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- John W

John W.–1919 S Penny, Equinox 800, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- Philip N.-12022FOM-November- Philip N.-2

Philip N.- 1820-1840 triple gilt fllat disc round coat button, Equinox 800, 8″ deep

2022FOM-November- Rick C.-12022FOM-November- Rick C.-2

Rick C.-Tomback Flat Button, Equinox 600, 6-8″ deep

2022FOM-November- Robert P

Robert P.-Lip Stick, AT Pro, 3″ deep

2022FOM-November- Bob T

Bob T.- I found this about 2 inches down with a Garrett 300.


2022FOM-November- Bob T-22022FOM-November- Bob T-3

Bob T.- I found this ring in mid-October in a friend’s yard.  I use a Garrett 300 and found this around 4 inches deep.

2022FOM-November- Doug G

Douglas G.- See attached file for a picture of the two Items of interest I found at the Collinsville Hunt. I have not had any time to research the pin. The drawing is the best I could see using a magnifying glass.

2022FOM-November- Pat R

Pat R.- 1906 Dime

2022FOM-November- Robert P-32022FOM-November- Robert P-2

Robert P.- Found alot of trash but I did find this silver plated spoon from 1937. Think it got hit by the lawn mower had to straighten it out some to read the back.

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