December 2018


Found by Susannah K.: “Last hunt of the year. Found tree tag, 2007 rabies tag, bracelet, Weblo scout neckerchief slide (did you ever notice that the Boy Scouts lose lots of items, but not the Girl Scouts? Hmmmm…), 5 quarters (2 of them fused), 2 dimes, and 15 pennies. Found 2-4″ deep with my XP Deus on Trash program.”


Found by Lee N.: “Detected a very old site and found the following relics. Hammered hatchet, monkey wrench, square nails, wheaties and unidentified objects. The hatchet is very old and hammer welded by blacksmith. My hatchet was identified by “AxeJunkies”. It is a double-edge broad axe, broken and modified into a hatchet. Axe Junkies is a Facebook group, that can ID any axe or hatchet, especially when stamped. All found 3-10 inches deep, with my Ace 250.”


Found by Scott P.: “Went and checked out a new permission after work. Found a 1964 Rosie, two wheaties, 1975 Bahamas 10 cents, 5 hem weights.
Between 4″& 6″with my AT Max. Can’t wait to go back

Found by Lee N. and Russell B.: “Lee N. and Russell B. got out for a couple of hours. Lee found a hot wheel car, unidentified objects [The fuse looks to be from a Model A–ed.] and 29 cents in clad, 2-4 inches deep, with Ace 250. Russell B found a 1913 wheatie, 4-5 inches deep, with Ace 400. The good thing about the hunt is we found 2 more great hunt sites.”

Found by Jim H.: “Taking advantage of the warmer weather. Found this token with Reddy Kilowatt. Reddy was created in 1928. He was the mascot of the Alabama Power Company but was later licensed across the US to promote electricity as safe and useful. He has a lightbulb for a nose, wall outlets for ears, and a torso made from lightning bolts. Besides tokens, many other objects used the Reddy icon. A saying was always added, slanted toward particular audiences. This token promotes the service you get from the electric company. Some promoted cost savings, some efficiency, and some used Reddy to introduce electricity to parts of the country which had never had it. He was used from the late 1920s through the 1970s. The Reddy icon was as recognizable back in the day as Aunt Jemima, the Morton Salt girl, and Mr. Peanut. Found 6 inches deep with my F75.”

Found by Rick C.: “Another great day for a hunt. Found my first Gold ring [Congrats, Rick!–ed.], a 14k men’s wedding band 8 inches deep with my AT Pro, a 1936s Washington quarter, $1.95 clad, and a toy tow truck made in France.”

Found by Susannah K.: “Snuck out between chores for a quick hunt. Found 11 memorials and a quarter, and this gold-washed, sterling silver earring made in Israel. Found 2″ down with my XP Deus on Sifter program.”

Found by Rick C.: “Nice day for a hunt. I found $3.40 in clad, the pennies aren’t  in the pic, a 1948 rosy dime, a square earring that says Sterling on the clasp and 5% 18k on the back, a costume earring, and a zipper pull with a heart, all with my AT Pro at 4 to 6 inches.”

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