January 2019

If you wish to post a find, please send your picture to the club email. Be sure to include a brief description, depth found, and detector used.


Found by Scott P.: “Cold but found my first flat button, 5 wheats, 1974 half dollar, Playboy bunny button, 4″ to 6” with Equinox 800. Button says “Orange Gilt Colour” on back with wreath around shank, slick front. Still being researched.”


Found by Eric H.: “First silver of the year! Went out after work and found a 1942 Mercury dime 6 inches deep and a 1948D Roosevelt dime 3 inches deep with my Garrett A/T Pro. (For all of you negative Nellies out there, this was in a St. Louis area park)!


Found by Susannah K.: “Wow! This is the way to start a new detecting year! Got a permission for a 1700s property. Found old lead pieces from window kames, a square nail, pocket watch gear, 1847 Wm. Rogers 12 DWT silver-plated fork, a button still being researched but looks to be early to mid-1800s, and the winner–a British military button with crown on ridged background, at first thought to be 1765-1772, the only time the British were in that area. My oldest button find in America, if true. However, two curators and a military button expert are stumped and still researching it. The consensus seems to be that it looks like a female crown, but they aren’t sure.  If so, then the date would be later. The conflicting thought is that it is early French. I’ll let the experts sort it out and let you know. Found 2-6 inches down with my XP Deus on Sifter program.”


Found by Rick C.: “Found 8 quarters, 9 dimes, 2 nickels one is a 1943P, 16 pennies, and a cub scout neckerchief slide all 2-4 inches deep with my AT Pro.

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